The Oscars are coming, and, as always, that’s made some people upset. But not me! I love Hollywood’s big night, and I especially love 2023’s slate of films. Last year was a truly great one for cinema. Some of the most critically-acclaimed movies were also huge hits with audiences, all of which makes it even more fun they’re now up for some of the Academy’s biggest awards. That includes Best Picture nominee and worldwide phenomenon Barbie, which is competing in eight categories. How many will it win? We don’t know, but we’re ready to give it a golden statue for providing a perfect first promo for the show. The stars of Barbie stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to help Kimmel make his way to Oscarsland in a sketch that is more than Kenough to make us laugh.

Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie is here to help the lost, overmatched dummy host of this year’s Oscars make his way to the show as Barbie narrator Helen Mirren tells the story of their journey. The trip from Barbieland to Hollywood takes them through some other Best Picture nominees. That path lets them oke about the different films up for the night’s most important award. It also offers a perfect opportunity for Kimmel to continue his long-running “feud” with Oppenheimer‘s Matt Damon.

But the real fun begins once they make it to the real world. That’s when America Ferrera jumps out of the Weird Wagon’s backseat to riff on her amazing Barbie monologue. She explains why hosting the Oscars is impossible. She’s right. She’s also right that hosting is definitely not harder than being an actual woman.

Ryan Gosling in his Barbie Kenough sweatshirt screams along with a tuxedo-wearing Jimmy Kimmel near giant Oscar statues

If that was the end of this promo it would be great, but it’s not Kenough until an In-N-Out eating Ryan Gosling pops up to get in on the fun. He doesn’t understand he’s actually supposed to grab a Double-Double after the Oscars, but he does recognize he’s probably not winning for Best Supporting Actor. That doesn’t bother him, though, because he just knows Greta Gerwig is a shoo-in for Best Director.

His reaction to finding out about her snub is the perfect end for this perfect promo. And it’s why even if Barbie doesn’t win Best Picture it clearly deserves a statue for best Oscars ad.