Prepare for STAR WARS Baby Yoda Merch Overload

New York Toy Fair always provides plenty of great new Star Wars swag, but this year’s haul is one of the best ever. And we can sum up why in two words—Baby Yoda. But the diminutive little fella isn’t the only standout from this year’s crop of new merchandise from the galaxy far, far away. The Clone Wars and Ahsoka Tano are also getting plenty of love. Here’s everything coming to a store near you soon.

The Child Animatronic Toy


Hasbro’s The Child Animatronic Toy plays sounds and comes with motorized sequences. “Touching the top of The Child’s head activates over 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles, and more, all while the toy’s head moves up and down, ears move back and forth, and eyes open and close.” It also closes its eyes, raises its arm, and sighs as if exerting a great amount of energy. It will even take a “Force Nap” when laying on its side. It also comes with a Mandalorian pendant. ($59.99 – Available: Fall 2020)

You can read more about it here.

The Child Bear from Build-A-Bear


You can sign up to find out when this officially-licensed The Child Build-a-Bear plush will be available near you.

The Child 8″ Basic Plush


“Wearing his robes as seen in the show, this plush toy has a soft body, plus a sturdy base filled with beans, perfect for cuddling or display as a collectible.” ($12.99 – Available Fall 2020)

LEGO The Mandalorian The Razor Crest Set


This LEGO set of Mando’s Razor Crest ships has “a big cargo hold for carbonite bounty, spring-loaded shooters, escape pod, and even a bed to get some rest.” It also comes with five mini-figs, including a teeny tiny Baby Yoda.

Mando and The Child LEGO BrickHeadz


“Strap a blaster rifle to The Mandalorian’s back and put a blaster pistol in this bounty hunter’s hand ready for battle. Create a hoverpram for the Child and adjust its ears for happy and sad expressions. Both construction models come with a baseplate so you can proudly display your creations.”

Mission Fleet Battle for the Bounty Vehicle Set


Hasbro’s Mission Fleet Battle for the Bounty Vehicle Set is one of our favorites ever. This vehicle and figure kit, which includes 12 accessories, features a repositionable projectile launcher, a 2.5-inch-scale Mandalorian figure with multiple points of articulation, along with “design and detail inspired by the live-action series.” But the best part is Baby Yoda and his hover-pram Mando can tow in the back. ($14.99/Available: Fall 2020)

Also, don’t forget to check out the other Baby Yoda figures and dolls Hasbro announced last December, which we previously told you about.

The Mandalorian Operation and Trouble


Two classic Hasbro board games are getting the Mando treatment, with Baby Yoda Operation (don’t worry, no harm will come to The Child), and Mandalorian Trouble.

Vintage Collection Imperial Troop Transport Vehicle


Move your own prisoners with Hasbro’s Vintage Collection Imperial Troop Transport Vehicle. “With realistic detail including a removable roof, opening doors, fold-down seating, swiveling turret, and blaster storage, this vehicle can be displayed in action figure and vehicle collections. ($69.99 – Available: Spring 2020)

The Mandalorian: The Journey of the Childs Trading Cards


Topps 32 trading card set follows “the story of The Child as we learn more about this bounty target and his mysterious abilities.” It’s a Target and Walmart exclusive and will be available starting April 8.

The Child Beanie

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon’s Star Wars collection “will include beanies and pom beanies for adults and kids, as well as the company’s first infant products, which feature Mandalorian and the Child patchwork. The Mandalorian collection will be available beginning Thursday, February 20th at 11AM CST/12 PM ET. You can order them through the company’s site. Prices start at $40.

The Child Bitty Boomer Portable Speaker

Bitty Boomer

“The Child mini Bluetooth ultra portable speaker. Tiny Size Huge Sound.” Just keep your own child away from the radio knobs. ($19.99 – Shipping to retailers 4/30-5/15)

Loungefly Mandalorian The Child Cradle Mini Backpack


“Includes printed, debossed, applique, embroidered and enamel zipper charm details. ($80.00 – Available June 2020)

Baby Yoda Cereal and Fruit Roll-Ups

General Mills

General Mills is turning Baby Yoda into delicious treats. First with The Child Cereal. It’s “Fruity Flavored Cereal with Yoda shaped Marshmallows!” (August 2020) And then with The Child Tongue Tattoo Fruit Roll-Ups. (September 2020)

The Child Toddler Costume


Apparently this Baby Yoda costume from Rubies only comes in kid’s sizes. WHATEVER.

Funko Mandalorian T-Shirts


Celebrate both your love for The Mandalorian and comfy t-shirts with these two Baby Yoda shirts from Funko.

The Mandalorian Playing Cards


You can never lose when you draw a Baby Yoda. Available June 2020 at Amazon.

Electronic Darksaber


Hasbro’s Electronic Darksaber “features electronic light effects, classic Lightsaber effects, awesome battle sounds when kids swing the Lightsaber, and crackling lightning sound and light effects when they hold down the button on the hilt.” A determined Grand Moff not included. ($29.99 – Available: Spring 2020)

5-Inch Ahsoka and Clone Trooper Galaxy of Adventures Figures


Ahsoka Tano and a Clone Wars Trooper are each getting their own 5-inch-scale action Galaxy of Adventure figures from Hasbro. They feature “multiple points of articulation, with design and detail inspired by Star Wars movies and entertainment.” They also come with accessories. ($9.99 each – Available: Spring 2020)

Ahsoka Tano Aquatic Attack Micro Vehicle and Figure


“Blast off into a galaxy of adventure with the Star Wars Mission Fleet vehicles and figures” from Hasbro, including this new Ahsoka Tano Aquatic Attack Micro Vehicle and Figure. It features two modes of vehicle play, a 2.5-inch-scale Ahsoka figure withmultiple points of articulation, with design and detail inspired by The Clone Wars animated series. ($7.99 – Available: Fall 2020)

Anakin Skywalker Jedi Starfighter Vehicle and Figure


Ahsoka’s former mentor is also getting his own Star Wars Mission Fleet vehicle and figure set, with Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter Vehicle and Figure. “Kids can pretend to blast their way onto Mustafar with a projectile launcher that can be attached to the vehicle at multiple points or mounted on the included tripod accessory.” It also comes with 2.5-inch-scale Anaking figure that features multiple points of articulation, vehicles, figure, and four accessories. ($19.99 – Available: Fall 2020)

Captain Rex Mission Fleet Vehicle and Figure


Anakin and Ahsoka can call on Captain Rex’s own Mission Fleet Vehicle and Figure set to join them in battle. The clone troopers figure features a repositionable projectile launcher, a 2.5-inch-scale Captain Rex figure, vehicle, and four accessories. ($14.99 – Available: Fall 2020)

Ahsoka Tano Standee

Advanced Graphics

This 68″ by 19″ Ahsoka Tano Standee will make you feel a lot safer. It will be available 2/22 at, Wayfair, and other online retailers.

Ahsoka Tano 8×10 Official Photo


This official 8×10″ Ahsoka Tano photo will be available 2/24 exclusively at

Bad Batch Clone Wars T-Shirts

Bad Batch

These new tees from Bad Batch will be available at Amazon at the end of February.

The Child 11-Inch Plush


“Embrace the adorable creature known as The Child with this soft, cuddly plush toy featuring faux suede coat and fuzzy trims. ($24.99 – Available at

The Child Plush With Base


Mattel’s own 11-inch Baby Yoda plush “has a soft body, plus a sturdy base filled with beans, perfect for cuddling or display as a collectible.

The Child Talking Plush Toy


Hasbro’s talking Baby Yoda can reach out with the Force just like the real one, with its posable arms. Squeeze its soft little belly to activate painfully cute character sounds. The toy comes with its own bown broth bowl and Sorgan frog. Posable arms let kids pretend the Force is within their reach, while a squeeze of the toy’s soft plush body activates character sounds! Includes talking plush toy, bone broth bowl, and Sorgan frog. Available at most major retailers. $24.99/Available: Spring 2020

The Child Collectibles


These painfully cute collectibles were some of the first announced after Baby Yoda stole our hearts in The Mandalorian. For pre-sale, these items will be offered as 2 packs for $15.99. More details on these lil guys here.

Black Series The Child Figure


Add to your Hasbro Black Series collection with this insanely detailed Baby Yoda. Figure comes with bone broth bowl, toy knob, and Sorgan frog. ($9.99 – Available Spring 2020)

The Mandalorian Funko Pop! Figures


Funko teased a bobblehead for The Child last year, but now we’ve got a look at more of the gang. This new wave includes The Armorer, Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, Covert Mandalorian, Incinerator Stormtrooper, The Client, Greef Karga, Q9-Zero, Offworld Jawa, and the Mandalorian on Blurrg. You’ll have to wait a bit for the full collection, but you can purchase the Baby Yoda bobblehead at the Disney Store.

The Child Necklace

RockLove Jewelry

Made of sterling silver, this detailed Baby Yoda necklace comes in a Star Wars RockLove Collector’s Box, the perfect gift for someone you love as much as Mando loves The Child!

The Child Pop-Up Card


Need a card to go with that necklace? Search your feelings, you know this one will do. Available at the end of February 2020 via, Amazon, and Lovepop retail locations around the country.

Acme Archives Direct Art

“No Love for the Empire” by Christian Waggoner / “An Unlikely Friend” by Christopher Clark / “It’s A Complicated Profession” by Cliff Cramp

Gorgeous paintings to decorate your growing shrine to The Child. Available now via Acme Archives Direct.

ARTFX+ Mandalorian and IG-11 


You don’t need to be an expert builder to make your own Mandolorian figures! RTFX+ are pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be put together by even the most uncrafty Star Wars fan. The Mandalorian figure is available now at specialty and online retailers. IG-11 will be available in early March 2020.

The Mandalorian Standee

Advanced Graphics

Yes, you can take your love of Mando to the next level with this 72″ by 24″ standee. Available now via Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

The Mandalorian PopGrips


Pop one of these bad boys on your phone so you can text The Child gifs with one hand, snap better photos of your growing Mandalorian collection, and watch season one hands-free. Available now via PopSockets.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Poster Book by Lucasfilm Press

Lucasfilm Press

Feeling overwhelmed by all this merch? Grab this poster book and plaster your favorites all over your walls. Easy peasy. Comes with 16 double-sided pull-out posters. Available now via the Disney Store.

The Child Sweatshirt for Adults


Stay cozy with the baby. Available now at the Disney Store.

The Mandalorian Costumes


For adults and children! We’re not saying you should dress up as twin Mandalorians with your child, but… we’re not not saying that.

The Mandalorian T-shirts


So. Many. Options. Check out these and more, available now on Amazon.

…. And now, like Baby Yoda, rest we must.

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