Learn 14 Languages from Babbel for $199

Our weak adult brains simply cannot match the sponge-like language learning powerhouses that we were as kids. Learning a language as an adult is hard; really hard. Short of living in a place where another language is spoken, it can feel impossible to pick one up on your own. That’s why Babbel is back on the scene! Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) can teach you any of 14 languages, and it can even help you retain them. For a limited time, a Babbel is on sale for $199 (reg. $499). 

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There’s nothing quite like being the person who can give directions to the international tourist or being able to step off your flight and order a drink without panic pointing at a menu. According to Forbes, Babbel continues to be one of the best language learning apps out there, and it manages to hold that title because of the instruction diversity and quality you receive on this little app–and the low price helps too.

One Google Play Store reviewer put it perfectly after switching from a free app to Babbel. They wrote, “I hesitantly switched from a free language app to Babbel and it has been 100% worth it. The lesson quality and structure is significantly higher and has helped me understand fundamentals in a few weeks that nearly a year elsewhere had not.”

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You won’t just memorize vocabulary or figure out rules for gendered German nouns (there aren’t really). For each of its 14 languages, Babbel gives you 10-15 minute lessons that can fit anywhere in your schedule. You also get speech recognition lessons that help with your pronunciation, and you can get a personalized review session that can help you retain what you’ve learned. Your progress syncs across all your devices. You really can study whenever and wherever you want, even offline. So you could theoretically go out into the woods and get really into your Norwegian pronunciation. 

Finally learn to speak another language. Get Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) on sale for $199 (reg. $499). 


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Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $199

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