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Draw Your Path to Becoming an Artist With This $30 Classes Package

Art is a skill, and as with any skill, we need to practice to get good at it. Yes, even if you’re just starting out with stick figures. That doesn’t mean you have to overcome the mountain alone, though. Learning from someone more skilled than you is one of the best ways you can grow, and the 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle gives you a ton of opportunities to practice and the instruction to guide it. Right now, Nerdist fans can grab these courses for $29.99.

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This art bundle comes with 11 unique classes that will give you expert instruction from real professionals. You can start with the most basic skills and build toward mastery. Classes like “The Art & Science Of Drawing: Basic Skills” are perfect for early artists. This comprehensive collection is provided by Skill Success and features accomplished artists like Brent Evinston, who will provide you with the building blocks needed to create your own art. You’ll learn all about foundational shapes, organic subjects, poses, and many more. Before long, you’ll be able to develop your own, unique art style.

Estimates on how long it takes to master drawing tend to be subjective, but it usually takes around three years. That’s three years of improving, growing more and more satisfied with your work, and ultimately being able to draw whatever you want. Lifetime access to these courses lets you choose your own timeline, so feel free to practice at any pace you want. Spend a month learning shading or take a few weeks refining your form drawing—whatever suits your inner artist!

There is a total of 25.5 hours of instruction in this bundle, but those 25.5 hours equate to endless time to practice and refine your skills. You won’t be a master overnight, but you’ll at least have all the guidance you need to get there.

Take the first real steps towards finding your art style with The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle, on sale for $29.99.

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