Arcane season two will release in November 2024. And that means it will have been three years since the first season was released in November 2021. That’s a pretty long time for fans to wait. But this League of Legends-based show is so beautifully animated and skillfully voiced that we aren’t surprised viewers have been willing to wait as long as it takes for more. To help tide everyone over Netflix has released a few first-look clips teasing the Arcane season two adventures to come. The early teaser trailers for the show don’t seem to reveal too much, but one actually validates a popular fan theory. Hopefully, this will give fans something to buzz about until Arcane season two actually arrives, or at the very least, we get a full trailer.

Arcane season 2 main characters

Take a look at the Arcane season two first looks below.

Our Latest Look at Arcane Season 2

Our latest look at Arcane season 2 offers a glimpse of the upcoming action to come and the series continued beautiful animation. The reminder that this series stars Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell gets us even more excited. You can check it out below. The teaser is short, but it does tease Vi becoming an enforcer in Season 2. And it might possibly tease a time jump… pending the exact identity of a red-headed character we see in the clip.

Arcane Season 2 First-Look Teaser Trailer Contains Important Revelations

This teaser trailer focuses on Singed. The highly gifted but incredibly callous scientist seems to be getting a blood transfusion of sorts. He looks patient enough, but it seems like something is about to happen. Above him, suspended by chains hangs a giant monster. For those who don’t want any spoilers, look away now… Because this little bit of scene has sparked a huge response among Arcane‘s fans, hinting as it does at two popular fan theories.

Vander Is the League of Legends Monster Warwick

Firstly, throughout season one, fans wondered if the popular character Vander was actually part of greater League of Legends lore. And it seems like this trailer has helped validate that opinion.

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Arcane season two appears to tease that Vander is actually the monster Warwick. In League of Legends, Warwick was “transformed by agonizing experiments, his body is fused with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage.”

Agonizing experiments certainly seem to be happening in this Arcane season two trailer. Or, as Netflix shares, we’re looking at “a nightmarish augmentation.” We’ll have to wait to see how this impacts the series and the rest of the characters.

Singed’s Daughter May Become Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork

Singed is holding a locket in this first look at season two of Arcane. And when he glances down at it, we hear a clock-like ticking sound. Fans suspect that this locket holds the image of his daughter. In season one, it is strongly implied that Singed’s daughter passed away, perhaps because Singed subjected her to his experiments. Likely, his daughter’s fate drove Signed to become the monstrous kind of man we see on the show.

But what good is being a mad scientist if you can’t even bring your daughter back from the grave? Between the visuals and the ticking sound, it looks like Arcane season two is already pointing at Singed’s daughter becoming Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork.


Per the official League of Legends website, “Once a curious girl of flesh and blood, Orianna is now a technological marvel comprised entirely of clockwork. She became gravely ill after an accident in the lower districts of Zaun, and her failing body had to be replaced with exquisite artifice, piece by piece.”

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Singed strikes us as the kind of person who knows exactly how to replace a human body with “exquisite artifice.” Perhaps more than one nightmarish augmentation is at play.

Arcane‘s Synopsis

Arcane season two does not yet have a specific synopsis. But here’s what Netflix shares about the show:

Arcane tells the origin story of two iconic League of Legends champions, who just so happen to be sisters. Jinx (Ella Purnell) — also known as Powder — and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) find themselves on rival sides of a brewing war between the utopian city Piltover and its oppressed underbelly Zaun. Powder and Vi are completely transformed by the end of the first season, as Powder becomes the mischievous Jinx and Vi proves she’s one champion you don’t want to mess with. 

We can’t wait to learn more about what season two specifically has in store.

When Will Arcane Season 2 Release?


Arcane season two also does not have a specific release date yet. However we know that the second season of the series will release in November 2024.