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As Andor heads towards the final episodes of the season, it continues to highlight the formation of Star Wars’ Rebellion against the cruelty of the Empire. We already know beings around the galaxy need to stand up and unite. Andor is showing us just how necessary it is, though, by highlighting the Empire’s evil in its many shades of subtle to overt. The latest episode of the Star Wars series, “Narkina 5,” introduced a Star Wars character who plays a key role in rebelling, if not exactly the Rebel Alliance: Saw Gerrera. Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced the partisan fighter, and the character went on to appear in Rogue One, Star Wars Rebels, and The Bad Batch. In Andor, Saw Gerrera stands his ground when Luthen comes with Imperial equipment. Here’s what you need to know about Saw.


Who Is Star Wars‘ Saw Gerrera?

Like many characters we meet in Star Wars, Saw Gerrera comes from a background of war and trauma. During the Clone Wars, Saw fought against Separatists on his homeworld of Onderon. His sister Steela led Saw and a number of resistance fighters against the Separatists trying to claim Onderon as their own. Steela died defending her home and her people, using techniques the Jedi taught them—specifically Anakin and Ahsoka. Saw, who didn’t show support for Steela being the group’s leader, internalized guilt over her death.


When the Republic became the Galactic Empire, Saw maintained his militia. The Empire labeled them insurgents, with Admiral Tarkin attempting to stop them using Clone Force 99. But Saw continued to build his group into the Partisans. He took the idea of resistance fighters from the Clone Wars and magnified their techniques to push back against the Empire. Saw Gerrera and the Partisans employed questionable methods to get results.

In between organizing strikes against the Empire, Saw took in a young Jyn Erso and mentored her. He became increasingly paranoid that someone would connect her, and therefore himself, to Galen Erso, however, and abandoned her when she was 16. The following years saw Gerrera do whatever it took, from his point of view, to stop Imperial control. He sacrificed innocents to achieve his goals.

Saw Gerrera, the Rebellion, and Andor

Because of Saw Gerrera’s tactics, the people forming the Rebel Alliance kept him at arm’s length. Mon Mothma and Bail Organa did work with Saw to exchange information about the Empire and gain intelligence. But eventually, Mon Mothma drew a line in the sand.


That eventual falling out happens after the current events in Andor. In the show, Mon Mothma is in early planning stages for the Rebellion. She’s working with Luthen, but Mon seems skeptical about Luthen’s approach. Luthen seems more the type to get the job done by whatever means necessary, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him visit Saw Gerrera in Andor. While it was a topic of discussion, Luthen wouldn’t admit to Saw that he played a part in the robbery on Aldhani. He brought equipment to Saw in exchange for Saw meeting with Anto Kreegyr. We don’t know who Anto Kreegyr is, but Saw didn’t see Luthen’s deal as worth it.

We likely haven’t seen the last of Saw Gerrera in Andor, as his path will continue to intersect with the rebels. It feels like some compromises are ahead for the Rebellion on the Star Wars show.

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