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Learn How To Use Amazon Web Services For $30


Amazon Web Services is one of those platforms that’s really only useful if you could get it to do everything you want it to do. The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle has something for new and experienced users, and right now, it’s on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $1,800). 

This pack contains nine courses that you can learn from at your own pace. Each course, focuses on a type of work a data engineer can do or a different skill they will need. The e-books are valued at $200 each and  will introduce you to topics such as cloud migration, DevOps, machine learning, and a lot more.

The goal with these courses isn’t to replace an education so much as to give you the knowledge and skills to practice and study on your own. By the end of this bundle, you’ll be a qualified candidate for a wide variety of IT and data science jobs

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This bundle is composed of the foundational skills required of database workers, which should be a comfort to any prospective student. The fundamentals aren’t changing, so you have more time to practice, refine your knowledge, and put it to work. 

Real experts teach the courses from Integrity Training, one of the best-known curators for eLearning and can help lead even the freshest, squishiest novice toward expertise. Just in one class, you’ll learn to implement scalable, self-healing systems, automate operational processes, and build up your knowledge of agile and other development processes.

Make the most from Amazon Web Services by learning more about using them to expand the work you can do and broaden your career opportunities. You can get the 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle while it’s on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $1,800). Once you’ve learned AWS, you can add that to your portfolio or online resume


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The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle – $29.99

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