Alternate Universe Spideys We Want to See in SPIDER-VERSE 2

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 will soon start gearing up to go into production. And we now know that Spider-Woman—a.k.a. Jessica Drew—will be among the characters from the comics added into the sequel. But who else might we see, aside from Spider-Woman and the teased Spider-Man 2099 (voiced by Oscar Isaac)?

Well, there are plenty of Spider-Man variants to chose from. Not only from the comic book pages, but even other media, like television. It’s a big Multiverse out there after all. Here are our top seven choices for Multiversal Spideys we’d love to see swing into the Into the Spider-Verse sequel.

“The Spider” (Earth-311)

Marvel Comics

DC work like Sandman helped make fantasy author Neil Gaiman famous in comics. But for Marvel, he wrote two prominent series. The Eternals, and Marvel: 1602. As the title suggests, this took place on an alternate Earth where Marvel’s heroes lived in the Elizabethan era. One of those heroes was Peter Parquagh, the apprentice and assistant of one Sir Nicholas Fury. He eventually gets powers, and becomes “the Spider.” Spider-Verse 2 could have a blast with a Spider-Man in a ruffled collar speaking in Shakespearean soliloquies. Someone call Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Scarlet Spider (Earth 616)

Marvel Comics

Ben Reilly is as evocative of a certain period of ’90s comics as electric Superman and armored Batman. The highly controversial (but highly selling) “Clone Saga,” introduces Ben as the long-lost clone of Peter Parker. He had all of Peter’s memories, but forged a new life for himself under a new identity. Ben (naming himself for his beloved uncle) eventually became a superhero himself, known as the Scarlet Spider.

He even took over as Spider-Man for a while, letting Peter and Mary Jane lead a civilian life. Once the Clone Saga ran its course, Ben died. But of course, he eventually returned. He’s since become beloved by those who grew up with ’90s comics. And the blond Peter Parker from Into the Spider-Verse was a nod to Ben Reilly. But we think Spider-Verse 2 should give us the proper Ben Reilly at last on screen.

Japanese Spider-Man (Earth-51778)

Marvel Comics

Until a recent episode of Marvel 616 on Disney+, many fans had no idea about the existence of the Japanese Spider-Man. This version starred in his own TV series in Japan, from 1978-79. And although Japanese Spidey might look totally familiar, he is a completely different character from Peter Parker. Because his show premiered on May 17, 1978, his Earth is designated as “Earth-51778.”

In the series, Spider-Man was Takuya Yamashiro, a young motocross racer who gains his powers from an alien ship from Planet Spider. Not only does he gain the traditional Spider-Man powers, but he also can transform his spaceship into a giant robot. All of these things are cooler than Aunt May already. Yamashiro appeared in the Spider-Verse comics event, so we say put him in an animated film next.

The Superior Spider-Man (Earth-616)

Marvel Comics

A few years ago, Peter Parker seemingly died. But his body was taken over by the mind of one of his greatest foes, Dr. Otto Octavius. Better known as Doctor Octopus. The arrogant scientist decided to become a hero after experiencing the dying Peter’s memories, but he was still an insufferable jerk. To the world at large, he was still Peter Parker, now the CEO of Parker Industries. Otto just couldn’t understand why with his genius, Peter Parker wasn’t rich. So he very quickly made him rich. This arrogant jerk of a “superior” Spider-Man would certainly be a scene-stealer on screen.

Spider-Clan Spider-Man/”Manga Spider-Man” (Earth-2301)

Marvel Comics

In the early 2000s, Marvel experimented with manga versions of their iconic heroes. One of these was naturally a “manga Spider-Man.” This version of Peter Parker, hailing from Earth-2301, was a member of the ninja warriors known as the Spider Clan. He was trained in their ways by his Sensei, Ben Parker. He became the last member of the Spider Clan after Venom kills Ben under orders from the Kingpin. A Spider-Man with all the powers of regular Spidey, and with ninja training? Sign us up.

Cosmic Spider-Man (Earth-91110)

Marvel Comics

Everyone always talks about how the X-Men’s Jean Grey got a huge cosmic power upgrade and became Phoenix. But did you know something similar happened to Peter Parker once too? Yes, in the late ’80s, Peter Parker bonded with a potent mystical cosmic force known as the Uni-power, or the Enigma Force.  The “Captain Universe” power gave Peter immeasurable strength, energy manipulation abilities, transmutation, and molecular control. He even had near-omniscience. Cosmic Spidey was short-lived, but a version of a Cosmic Spider-Man who never lost these powers still resides on Earth-91110.

Six-Armed Spider-Man (Earth-92100)

Marvel Comics

Ok, so this wasn’t originally an alternate Earth Spider-Man. This actually happened to our Peter Parker in the ’70s comics. Back in the day, Peter Parker grew an additional four arms, after injecting a chemical he hoped would take away his powers. In the regular 616 universe, his six-armed Spider-Man status is reversed, thanks to Dr. Curt Connors and the DNA of Morbius the Living Vampire. On Earth-92100 however, this reversal never happens. And Spider-Man retains eight limbs. We’d love to see this ridiculous-looking Spidey pop up at least once.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics

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