The galaxy far, far away is a big place, and every new Star Wars show and movie makes it a little bigger by introducing new planets. That’s especially true on Disney+’s new High Republic era show The Acolyte. Which worlds has it visited? And how many are entirely new or places we’ve seen before? We’re keeping track of all the planets seen in every episode and what we know about them.

Spoiler Alert

The Acolyte Episode 1 Planets



The Acolyte‘s first location was all-new to the franchise. Mae attacked Jedi Master Indara in a bar located in a village on the planet Ueda. The Jedi was sitting with a diverse group of many species. While we didn’t get to see much of Ueda, its denizens clearly held the Jedi in high esteem.



The Acolyte’s premiere brought fans back to Coruscant, the Galactic Republic’s posh capital planet and main location of the Star Wars prequels. Coruscant and the Jedi Temple looked just as they will during The Phantom Menace, when the Jedi will still call it home.



Osha’s prisoner transport ship crashed into the icy, snow-covered world of Carlac, a place Star Wars fans have seen before. Located in the Outer Rim Territories and covered in mountains and forests, it first appeared on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

During that episode Ahsoka Tano helped save a Ming Po tribe from total destruction at the hands of Death Watch. The Mandalorian sect had built an outpost there.



Mae and Osha’s childhood home world only appeared in a vision Osha had after her crash. That pseudo flashback showed the girls running through a forest. It also showed a raging fire, an event that haunts Osha.

Mystery Ocean Planet


The Acolyte‘s premiere ended with Mae returning to her Master on an unnamed ocean planet. The two spoke on a rocky coast.

The Acolyte Episode 2 Planets



The Acolyte‘s second episode introduced Olega, a planet of obvious importance because of its sacred Jedi Temple. Much like Ueda, Olega also appeared to be a bustling world with communities made up of a diverse citizenry. It’s also where Mae convinced Master Torbin to atone for his past sins with a fatal poison.



Wookiee Jedi Knight Kelnacca is living in solitude deep in the woods on the heavily forested planet of Khofar in the Outer Rim Territories. Like Olega, Khofar is an entirely new world in Star Wars.