There have been plenty of great zombie movies in the last few years. One Cut of the Dead, Blood Quantum, and Train to Busan have blazed a trail for inventive new takes on the undead. The newest entry in the current zombie trend is the absolutely bats*it looking locked-room-zombie mashup #Alive from South Korean director Cho Il-hyung.

As the wild trailer showcases, #Alive centers on two survivors of a city-wide zombie outbreak. With the inhabitants left to fend for themselves, the undead are taking over. That leaves the young inhabitants of a massive apartment block to fight for their survival. Park Shin-hye plays Yoo-bin, a meticulous and smart woman who has adapted to the new status quo with a surprising efficiency. She’s joined by Yoo Ah-in as Joon-woo, who has only survived due to his isolated lifestyle as a gamer.

#Alive zombie movie poster
Lotte Entertainment

The trailer not only promises a stylish take on zombies, but also offers a unique location. We’re getting some serious Attack the Block vibes here and that can only be a good thing. We’re also big fans of the unexpected team-up trope so we can’t wait to see these two survivors join forces to escape their block, smashing some undead heads on the way. Korea has been delivering stunning horror flicks for decades now. Titles like The Wailing, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Whispering Corridors, The Host, Thirst, and of course Train to Busan showcase the terrifying genre talent that the country has to offer. #Alive looks like another radical entry into the Korean horror canon. It also looks like it could add to the wave of zombie movies reigniting our passion for the overused and misunderstood monsters.

#Alive hits screens in Korea in June, but there’s no word of a US release date yet. Don’t worry though as soon as someone snaps this up we’ll let you know!

Featured Image: Lotte Entertainment