The internet is a wonderfully strange place. And though it’s easy to get bogged down in every single awful thing that hits your feed, it’s downright miraculous that the internet can brighten your day with something as simple as an auto-tuned air horn.We present to you, A-Ha’s “Take On Me” with air horn accompaniment. We’re sorry and you’re welcome.

Welcome back! We know that you probably spent the last few minutes listening to it and sending it to that one friend who still absolutely loves 80s music and the other friend who constantly makes the air horn noises with their mouth. Weird how everyone has a friend like that, right?Replacing the musical hook of the 1985 pop hit with air horn is something that’s, well, stupid on the surface but the result is absolutely brilliant. At first it seems to be a simple and silly rendition of the tune but the effort applied to it becomes apparent once the lyrics kick in and especially at the high note around the 55 second mark. For those with time constraints, there’s even an up-tempo version.And would you believe this isn’t even our favorite comedic version of “Take On Me”? For that — and since we’ll probably not get another chance to seamlessly include the song in any other article — we have to turn to the “literal version” of the song that narrates the action in the original music video in the best possible way.

Just try not singing “Piiiiiipe wreeeeench fiiiiiight” from here on out during the real song!What’s your favorite bit of wonderful internet nonsense these days? Think people will post the literal version in the Facebook comments having not read the article? Answer: Probably. Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: A-Ha | Warner Bros. Music