Sometimes, one Instagram post can cause a lot of mayhem. And surely, Ahmed Best knew what he was unleashing when he posted a picture of himself in a motion capture suit and the caption, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. #mocap #starwars #jarjarbinks #activision #jedi #sithlord #kelleranbeq” Activision? Star Wars? Jar Jar Binks? What?! Well, it certainly sounds like Activision and Star Wars are collaborating on a new Star Wars game and the game will feature Ahmed Best playing a role. But is that role Jar Jar Binks? Is it Kelleran Beq? Is it something else entirely? We just can’t say, but we’re excited.

There have been reports of a potential Star Wars and Activision collaboration for some time. But no official confirmation of a collaboration has arisen, other than, of course, Ahmed Best’s Instagram tags. But hey, we’ll take the tease.

In addition to Jar Jar Binks and Kelleran Beq, Best also tagged in “Sith Lord,” which is a curious development. But regardless of which Star Wars character Best will/might play in this potential new Star Wars game, we know we’ll feel happy to see him. We were thrilled to see Ahmed Best appear in live-action form in Star WarsThe Mandalorian series. There we learned that it was Best’s Beq who rescued Grogu from Order 66. It was a beautiful moment for both the character and the actor. And, of course, for us, the fans.

Jar Jar binks, Ahmed Best, and Kelleran Beq from the Star Wars universe

Ultimately, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out what Ahmed Best is up to that involves Star Wars and Activision. Maybe it is a new Star Wars game. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Hopefully, we’ll soon get pulled into whatever’s happening as well. Until then, we’ll keep our eyes open for any new teases on Instagram. Maybe the next set of tags will unveil it all.