Get Over 90 Hours of Character Drawing Training for Under $30

The graphics industry is booming with new characters and storylines every day. There’s no better time to sharpen your artistic skills. The 2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle makes it easy to dive into this exciting and lucrative industry, and with this limited-time offer, it’s even more affordable to learn. 

The bundle provides a comprehensive way to learn how to draw, color, and paint professional characters. Whether you want to draw character concept art for films and games; illustrations; comics; animation; manga; Disney style; or any other aesthetic; these courses will equip you with the skills to impress. There’s even a course that covers all the core knowledge and practical theory you need to utilize Procreate and draw and paint on your iPad at a professional level. If you’re an absolute beginner, or you’re already at an intermediate level, this bundle is sure to advance your current ability to a professional level.

A sketch pad on someone's lap displays a partially completed drawing of a woman's face with hair covering her left eye. The artist's hand holds a pen at an angle above the drawing.

Scott Harris

As an illustrator, painter, art director, and author, Scott Harris, your instructor, has helped over 300,000 students grow their art skills quickly and efficiently. The 447 informative lessons earned an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Working with Scott, you’ll find a zealous teacher who strives to bring his students to a high level efficiently, with simple, easy-to-understand concepts, built on rock-solid art theory. 

Armed with your newly updated skills, you’ll have a better shot of standing out in a field of other artists. The abilities acquired in The Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle will make you a more attractive prospect when publishers and studios are deciding whom to hire for new projects. Benefit from limited-time savings and begin drawing as soon as you order this seven-course bundle on sale for just $29.99, or less than $5 per course. 


Get Over 90 Hours of Character Drawing Training for Under $30_1
The 2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle – $29.99

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