7 LGBTQ Marvel Characters Who Could Join the MCU

In many interviews, Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers have stated than an out LGBTQ hero is finally coming to the movie side of the MCU after Avengers: Endgame (Marvel TV already has several). But of the myriad characters from the comics, who could be the big screen’s first LGBTQ Marvel hero? Here are our top choices for new characters who could become the first queer heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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He’s one of the most prominent members of the Avengers over the last fifty years, but has yet to appear in the MCU. We think, though, he is likely going to appear in Phase 4, and we think it will be as a member of the cast of The Eternals. Herc is not actually an Eternal in the comics. The Olympian Gods have a strange symbiotic relationship with that immortal race in the books. Kevin Feige will probably conflate those two mythologies for simplicity’s sake; this opens the door for Herc to join the MCU that way.

But is Herc an LGBTQ character in the comics? That’s a complicated question. In one of the alternate worlds of the Multiverse, he and Wolverine are in fact a couple. Marvel insisted that the mainstream universe’s Herc was straight. However, there is evidence to support that he is at least bisexual. In 2010’s Hercules: Fall of an Avenger, many Marvel heroes gather to mourn the then-dead hero. And it is strongly hinted that he at least hooked up with the openly gay hero Northstar. Oh, and the actual Hercules of Greek mythology was totally bi. So, both Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios, just pull the trigger on this one.

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Sooner or later, the X-Men are going to join the MCU. And when they do, it’s time to bring in a more comics-accurate version of the shapeshifter Mystique. The character is very different in the comics than in her previous movie incarnations. Not only is she much older, she is also openly bisexual. She and the female precog named Destiny were a couple for decades, and together they raised Rogue. It would be cool to see a more comic book accurate version of Mystique on the big screen, and one that embraced her roots and an LGBTQ character.

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As we said, mutants are coming to the MCU sooner or later, and we think it’s high time that Canada’s greatest super team, Alpha Flight, should come to the big screen. And one of that team’s most long-standing members is Northstar. Jean-Paul Beaubier has pretty standard powers: flight, super strength, speed, and energy blasts. But the former Olympic skier was also Marvel Comics’ first openly gay superhero. He came out rather famously in Alpha Flight #106 in 1992, making him one of the publisher’s most iconic LGBTQ heroes. Because someone had to be the first.

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In the comics, Thanos killed Earth woman Heather Douglas’ family. She then went to live with monks who unlocked her mental powers along with making her a supreme martial artist. Heather later learned that the soul of her dead father was living in the body of Drax the Destroyer, making Drax her pops. In recent years, she came out as one of Marvel’s openly bisexual heroines.

Rumors abound that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will introduce the idea that Drax’s daughter survived Thanos, and is now and adult. It is likely that this daughter will be none other than Moondragon, who has herself been a member of the Guardians in the books, as well as an Avenger. Her backstory would require drastic alterations, as Drax is a very different character in the MCU than in the comics. But we could see her showing up, and when she does, we hope they keep the character’s status as an openly bisexual hero.

Hulkling and Wiccan
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Introduced in Young Avengers back in 2005, at first Hulkling and Wiccan seemed like younger counterparts to the Hulk and Thor. But it was soon revealed that Hulking was a shapeshifting half Skrull-half Kree, who was the son of Mar-Vell and a Skrull princess. They smuggled him to Earth and raised him as a human boy named Teddy Altman. Wiccan turned out to be the lost son of the Scarlet Witch, Billy Kaplan. More importantly, the two teenage heroes were actually a gay couple, the first LGBTQ teen superhero couple in Marvel Comics.

The MCU has perfectly introduced all the elements needed for these two to show up. Mar-Vell was introduced in Captain Marvel already. What if she had a child with a Skrull decades ago, and that child is living on Earth in secret? And in the comics, Wiccan was the son of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, whose soul was conjured by magic. Could the upcoming WandaVision series introduce the idea of Wiccan? The stage has never been more set for these two to enter the MCU.

Miss America Chavez
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America Chavez is a runaway from one of many of Marvel’s alternate universes, a place called the Utopian Parallel. Gifted with strength and super speed, she also had the innate power to kick open holes in reality, allowing herself to travel through the multiverse. She escaped to Earth-616, where she eventually became a superhero.

Although her real given name is America, the “Miss America” part is a tribute to a heroine from the World War II-era and compatriot of Captain America’s. She joined teams like the Young Avengers, the Ultimates, the all-female A-Force, and most recently the West Coast Avengers. With the introduction of multiple realities coming up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, we think this could be our entry point for this kick-ass Marvel LGBT Latinx heroine.

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