With Lucasfilm having released  Solo: A Star Wars Story on digital September 14th, fans all across the galaxy are ready to bring the saga’s latest story into their homes. Some make sure their streaming players are prepared to go. Others make sure they have enough snacks, so they don’t have to pause the movie every two seconds to go to the kitchen. Then there are fans like YouTuber stonefx83, who need a  Millenium Falcon in hand. While building a life-size version would be somewhat impractical, he did the best he could with his 3D printer.

Calling it the “Fillenium Malcon” (you don’t want to get sued, do ya?), stonefx83 created Han Solo’s (or San Holo?) ship from three kilograms of the filament. It has dimensions of 500 x 170 x 700 mm. While the video itself is only 3:20, the vessel took almost TEN DAYS to finish printing. We hope it’s not a loud process. Can you imagine hearing a printer going back and forth, back and forth for over a week straight? If the results are as cool as the Fillenium Malcon, we guess it’s worth it.

It’s amazing what one can do with 3D printing these days. From Star Wars ships to Comic-Con cosplay, anything is possible with a little imagination (and a lot of material and technology).

So what do you think? What awesomeness would you want to create if you had your own 3D printer? Let us know on Facebook or sound off in the comments below.

Image: stonefx83