I remember going to Target with my mom when I was a kid and seeing a display of CDs of ambient noise, on a faux cherry wood display rack with a set of headphones so you could sample gathering storm clouds or waves crashing. I used to think “Why would anyone want to listen to this for more than ten seconds?” The answer is, “because when you’re an adult, you need anything you can get to take your mind away from the crushing horrors of the world.” And because: pretty. This idea, noted by  Laughing Squid has reached its apex as BBC Earth has teamed with OceanX Media for a glorious 10-hour loop of footage of ocean life.

There is truly nothing bad about 10 hours of watching beautiful fish and sharks floating along in the crispest of blue water with no other noise than the sound of what those would sound like. No music, no narration, just a school of fish swimming, or a nurse shark…nursing. It almost doesn’t even matter that the footage repeats after a certain point. A) you’re never gonna pay attention for as long as it would take to find out when, and 2) you’re missing the whole point of soothing, relaxing ocean noises.

So if you’ve ever watched Blue Planet and wished you could just watch things without the interruption of Sir David Attenborough, then this is definitely the video for you, a video that can make you fall asleep and get the optimal amount of rest for a human adult and still be playing when you wake up in the morning. Ah, fish.

Image: BBC

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