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Art Snob: Into the Pixel- E3 2013

IntoThePixellogo2013POSTEveryone knows E3 is the home of all things gaming, from hands-on demos, to keynote speeches, to questionable cosplays (it wouldn’t be a con without em’); but for the 10th year running, the Into The Pixel collection has brought an artistic side to the proceedings with its carefully curated yearly collection of astoundingly awesome video game inspired art.

2013 was no different, and visitors to the expo marveled at this year’s collection of pieces from some of the most renowned artists in the business. Many artists vied to get their work in front of the eyes of excited E3 visitors, but only a lucky (and very talented) 16 pieces made the final cut.

Martin Rae, President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science, said, “Our industry continues to expand with the emergence of compelling content from independent, mobile and free-to-play developers, and the 2013 collection really reflects the incredibly diverse landscape of the interactive community as a whole. These pieces run the stylistic gamut, showcasing the varied inspirations of their truly talented creators. Many congratulations to this year’s artists and to the tenth anniversary of Into the Pixel!”

And now… feast them eyes.

dark ages

“Dark Ages” inspired by FETCH by Brian Thompson


“Castle Siege”, inspired by Rayman Legends, by various artists.


“Crossroads” by Daniel Dociu

Check out this handy gallery for the rest of the art from the show and prepare to go… INTO THE PIXEL! (ominous laugh!)’

 Are you a fellow art snob? Want to talk about an artist you think is doing great stuff? A gallery that should be showcased? Maybe you’ve got your own awesome geek art you want to share with the world? Leave a Comment, email me, or hit me up on the Twitter Machine.


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