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ARROW Gets a New Trailer and Casts Ra’s al Ghul for Season Three

This fall, the world of television is going to be flooded with a record number of comic book-themed series, including newcomers Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash, as well as trendsetters like The Walking Dead. But today, we’re most excited to talk about Arrow. The CW’s Green Arrowinspired drama has been an unrelenting force of pure entertainment since its premiere two years ago, and last season’s battle between Oliver and his formerly marooned best friend, Slade (a/k/a Deathstroke), took the show to a whole new level that made earthquake machines look like child’s play.

Now, with a new season brewing, we also have a brand new trailer to dissect, and it’s as action-packed and drama-filled as we hoped it would be:


Based on the end of last season’s flashback, it appears we’re going to find out what happened to Oliver after he got off Lian Yu and was “recruited” by Amanda Waller to do some work in China. That’s all fine and dandy, but did you see all the Oliver/Felicity we’re getting this year? #OLICITYFOREVER! The trailer also features closer looks at Roy in his Arsenal costume, the return of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, a/k/a The Atom.

In addition to that spankin’ new trailer, we have some major casting news for you. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the search for the series’ Ra’s al Ghul is over, with Riddick star Matt Nable signing on to play the League of Assassins leader. According to the report, Ra’s al Ghul will make his first appearance in the season’s fourth episode.

And finally (yes, there’s more!), we also have an all new set of photos from the season premiere:

Arrow season three premieres Wednesday, October 8 on The CW.

What do you think of the new trailer for Arrow? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: THRScreen Rant]

Images: The CW

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