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ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Creature Reveal, and Self-Driving Cars!

Are you prepared to have your face melted clean off by the amount of awesome on today’s Nerdist News? Hope so!

On today’s show you get your first look at the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, the slow and very real roll-out of self-driving cars, some gorgeous Batman: Arkham Knight footage, and of course your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey! Who could ask for anything more.

Enjoy the show, come on back for another episode tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below if you think Arkham Knight is looking like the game we deserve or the game we need right now!


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  1. Josh says:

    I’ll be honest. The consoles need all the big titles they can get. Right now, there isn’t exactly a GLUT of top quality titles. 

  2. RedwoodCoast says:

    Only cheaper 4k tvs will make me think about the xboxone.

  3. jacknut says:

    Video seems to be working a bit better with full-screen actually working (on the iPad), but the forced advertisement that interrupts the actual video’s playback?  Don’t see how that’s an improvement for the end user– Legendary maybe, but not the end user. 

  4. Any episode that makes me laugh is a keeper.  Thanks for what you do for us little people.  I for one am a die-hard lover of the most recent superman… The action, music and look of the film gave me chills, and still does. 

    Also, thanks for fixing the site’s video (it may have been on my end) it seems to be running very smooth-ish. 



  5. Aaron says:

    If past cross promotions are any indication of what’s to come, you’ll probably want to get this game on PC, because NVIDIA gave away free copies of both games during their initial releases with purchase of a qualifying NVIDIA card. My guess is that the 800 series cards, which are set to drop later this year, will coincide with the release date of this game.

    For the record, I got both Arkham City (yay!) and Arkham Origins (boo!) for free by buying new NVIDIA cards. So PC should be the way to go.