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Are We There Yet? Why, Yes, We Are

A team of British engineers has moved to the actual building stage in the quest to create a rocket car that can exceed 1,000 mph.

A thousand miles per hour. How cool would that be?

Think of your commute! I’d be able to get from here to downtown L.A. in, like… let me figure this out… like two minutes and six seconds! Of course, we’d need to work out what would happen to all those cars between me and my destination, but, hey, they can always build a special lane just for me and my Super 1,000 Miles Per Hour Rocket Car!  Get out of the way, you Prius-driving slowpokes!

All right, now, back down to earth. Obviously, this thing will not be street legal in, you know, EVER. (I doubt it would corner all that well, either, making that left turn in San Pedro a little troublesome) This is more of a missile on wheels, and they’re building and planning to test it on a dry lake bed in South Africa within the next two years because, um, because they can. And if you could, you would, too.

This thing is called Bloodhound SSC, and it’s one of three cars in a race to beat 800 mph (the current record is 763.035 mph). The fact that construction work is starting this week on the “car” is a pretty big milestone. And even if the practical applications aren’t apparent, just the idea that they can build a rocket car like this at all could inspire another generation to dream, and do, the impossible.

Plus, it’s one step closer to jetpacks and flying cars. Really, I am SO sick of traffic.

Sources:, BBC

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  1. gigdrummer says:

    What? No cupholders? Man, fuck that noise. All that thing is a rocket sled without the rails. Can’t wait for that POS to go skyward.

  2. Hurricane Ditka says:

    @Sean –> You need to go 100 mph in an electric car so you can outrun the mother nature you are trying to save when your running from a tornado. IRONY

  3. Deltus says:

    I’d rather see a practical hovercar than a “car” that can go 1000 mph. Because a hovercar would have some actual practical applications.

  4. Sean says:

    Is it a milestone or just showing off? A lot of companies are creating amazing things but how much of that ever get down to something people actuality use. I understand prototyping to test the technology but half of these things are like a technological form of masturbation.

    It’s cool and all but in a way but I can’t help think why? It’s like how the news presents electric cars, like for example the Tesla. Wow, it can save on gas and go over a hundred because everyone needs a car that can go over a hundred. How are you helping the world by making a car that only 1% of the population would consider buying due to a hundred thousand or more dollar price tag. To be fair and not single out anyone company because almost all car companies are guilty of creating hundred thousand dollar cars that to me any are just a waste of resources.

    That being said, rocket cars are still cool

  5. Joey says:

    We’re gonna need bigger NASCAR tracks.