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Arcade-Only LEFT 4 DEAD: SURVIVORS Gets a Gameplay Trailer

In case you were wondering what Left 4 Dead might look like as an arcade shooter, then look no further than the trailer for Left 4 Dead: Survivors. A gampeplay trailer for the zombie survival shooter appeared on Taito Japan’s YouTube channel, offering a first look at the arcade port/spin-off.

And yeah, that pretty much looks like Left 4 Dead, meaning the four-player Survivors isn’t going too far off-script with what makes the franchise work. The project is a collaboration between Taito and Valve, who’s currently not doing much of anything with Left 4 Dead (at least, not that we know of).

Eurogamer helpfully notes that this isn’t the first time Valve and Taito have teamed up. Back in 2006, they collaborated on Half-Life 2: Survivor, which brought Gordon Freeman to Japanese arcades. From the looks of it, Left 4 Dead: Survivors will likely stay in Japanese arcades as well.

Based on the urban settings used here, Survivors looks to be taking its setting from the first game as opposed to the post-disaster New Orleans of the sequel. It’s not clear whether the Japanese VO in the trailer would indicate that these are the voices being used in the game (and for that matter, we didn’t really get a close look at the character models being used here).

Could this be the first hints that Left 4 Dead 3 is on the way? It doesn’t hurt to think so, although Half-Life 2: Survivor wasn’t followed by any kind of Half-Life 3 news. But Left 4 Dead as a franchise that made co-op shooting accessible to a lot of gamers, and the “four players plus infected” formula worked well enough for everyone from the Call of Duty franchise to Halo to lift for their multiplayer modes.

HT: Eurogamer

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  1. Kurono says:

    I recognized levels from both 1 and 2 in the trailer…

    • Melani says:

      Same here! those weren’t new maps at all. It looks like Valve is just porting the old maps onto an arcade machine with updated textures and new characters.