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Our Favorite April Fool’s Day Stories and Products for 2018

Our Favorite April Fool’s Day Stories and Products for 2018

A lot of April Fool’s Day pranks fall flat. Some are so obvious and unbelievable they fail to register anything but an eyeroll, others are too dumb for anyone to care about them either way, and most are–well–not funny. At all. But some jokesters and social-media managers do find that perfect middle ground, with good-natured gags that manage to pull one over on us or make us laugh without making us angry. Like ThinkGeek did this year with their annual catalog full of imaginary stuff we’d definitely buy, or the great “BritBox” service that translates BBC shows into “American.”

So to celebrate those who managed to walk that fine April Fool’s Day line, here are some of our favorite fake stories, pranks, tweets, and images from 2018, starting with Sammy Hagar getting back together with the boys!

Hey…uh….any chance this isn’t a prank? Cause we’d definitely eat this.

This chocolate food item on the other has to be a joke, because if it wasn’t we’d be calling for congress to intervene and for trials to begin immediately.

If you’re in the market for a new car, Lexus offered up a way to get you into the perfect automobile for you and your body. (This will be a lot less funny in ten years when it turns into a reality.)

Funko also used today to introduce their new spray that makes their boxes “indestructible.” (Fans who prefer to keep their figures mint in the box would encourage them to really begin production on this item.)

Google Japan also offered up the next step in physical keyboard technology: one you can “swipe” like on your smartphone.

What would you pay to have your favorite authors actually show up to your house? We’re sure Amazon would come up with a price for real if we asked.

Amazon Publishing Launches New Author Delivery Service

Launching April 1st, Amazon Publishing will deliver your favorite authors to your front door. Watch as author Patricia Cornwell does whatever it takes to arrive on time. Who will you request?

Posted by Amazon Publishing on Sunday, April 1, 2018

We have no idea why Petco thinks their new salon to make you look like your pet is humorous when we know so (so so so) many people who would pay big bucks for this service.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you loyal bannermen of House Greyjoy, but no, a Kraken was not spotted along the Thames.

Too bad it wasn’t a whale that showed up, though, because we could have learned how to communicate with it in its native language thanks to this new language course.

It might not be real, but we got a real kick out of Sprint’s Magic Soccer Ball which boosts your cell phone coverage. Considering futbol is the most popular sport in the world, maybe this should be an actual goal for Sprint.

And let me tell you something, Mean Gene! I don’t care what Disney is cooking with all of their mergers, Vince McMahon didn’t sell the WWE to them. And that’s the bottom line, cause it’s April Fool’s Day!

Speaking of Disney, this video announcing their new kale churros has to be a joke, because if not it would constitute a war crime.

Kale Churros | Walt Disney World

We invented a new kind of churro. For when you want salad and dessert at the same time. #WaltDisneyWorld

Posted by Walt Disney World on Sunday, April 1, 2018

If we’re being completely honest though, we’re not sure if we are totally repulsed by the idea of these pizza-flavored protein bars, or if we’re just disgusted with ourselves that we would totally eat them if they were real. (Especially if we could wash them down with a whiskey flavored sports drink.)

But, uh, why aren’t these magical Popchips becoming a reality?

Want to know what the future of video games looks like? PlayStation’s “The Board Game.”

Ever wished your PlayStation gaming experience was a little less digital and a whole lot more analog?With all new…

Posted by PlayStation Asia on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Also, just in case there is any confusion: Porgs aren’t real. They’ve never been real on this or any other planet, not even a long, long time ago. Although some day after humanity’s records have mostly been lost to time in the Great Robot Wars (which offered “classes” on how to survive), this “document” is going to cause all sorts of confusion.

Speaking of Star Wars, we here at Nerdist don’t encourage April Fool’s Day jokes. So rather than use the annual day of internet pranks we decided to go the opposite way and offer up an inside, intimate look at how FX artists managed to make The Last Jedi‘s thala-siren look so authentic in the nipple department.

At least some of us take this day seriously.

What was your favorite gag you saw this year? Don’t be a fool, share it with us in the comments below!

Featured Image: Popchips, PlayStation, LADBible

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