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Apparently These Burgers Taste Like Human Flesh Because THE WALKING DEAD?

Good luck holding onto your lunch, anyone that isn’t Hannibal Lecter, because you’re about to read a story about human flesh burgers. And no, they’re not made of actual human meat (allegedly!), but they are made to taste like that because chefs are all insane and do the darndest, grossest things. Particularly when it comes to a show as obsessively liked as The Walking Dead. Excuse us while we toss our cookies a bit.

Blargh. Blegh. Blerg. Ugh.

Is it a coincidence that the sound of losing one’s stomach contents sounds eerily similar to the movements of a zombie? Not today they’re not, because that’s exactly what these human flesh monstrosities were made in honor of: the fifth season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead over in the United Kingdom. (Because of course it was a buncha dark-humored Brits who were feeling delightfully demented enough to tackle such a creepy endeavor. You just gotta love ’em!)

London-based food creatives Miss Cakehead and Mess London chef James Thomlinson — a duo that collaborate under the moniker Messhead — dove into the testimonials of several notable cannibals, using their descriptions to channel the right, meatily human flavor for consumers to savor. Like this bit of commentary from author/journalist/cannibal William Seabrook, who described the taste of humans as ‘good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef.’

Adventurous eaters in London will have the opportunity to feast for free on a bit o’ flesh burger on Tuesday, September 30th at a Terminus Tavern pop-up in East London — exact location to be revealed via the #terminustavern hashtag on Twitter.

For the rest of us? Here’s a handy infographic about human flesh courtesy of the series’ U.K. provider, Fox:


So — who else can’t WAIT to eat nothing but vegetables for the rest of their lives? Raise your hand in the comments.

HT: Metro

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  1. C. Barker says:

    Not real human, nothing different really to Hedgehog flavoured crisps (fries) they weren’t made from real hedgehogs either but all the idiots that thought they were put paid to them! 

  2. kat says:

    you know that because of this burger people are gonna start getting bit at and there will be cases of people trying out cannibalism if they like how the burger tastes…..

  3. Scott says:

    There used to be a little diner in a small Wisconsin town that sold “Cannibal Burgers”.  They were actually small patties of raw hamburger meat.  

  4. frnk says:

    I definitely want to try them, I mean you can’t tell me you’ve never wondered what human tastes like.

  5. nicholas says:

    Sounds great. I’d like to know what human tastes like but don’t want to eat an actual human.

  6. crossbuisness says:

    Pigs are 99% a genetic match to humans. So pork has to taste like human….Mmmmmmmmm bacon!

  7. Travis says:

    Of course it isn’t made with real human flesh…. just soylent green…

  8. How do they know what human flesh tastes like?

  9. bill says:

    It’s made from (faux) PEOPLE!  (faux) PEOPLE!!