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Animated Nerdist! feat. Kevin Smith

This slick business was done by Nerdist Podcast listener Daniel Spellman. He did this as an experiment to see if he should be pursuing animation. I say DEFINITELY YES.

We here at Nerdist Industries are beyond impressed and flattered by his superior work.

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  1. Emily G says:

    I wanted to see this today to show a friend and now it’s set to private.. 🙁 boo!

  2. noophy says:

    I used to watch this when I needed a smile. What happened?

  3. Cathy says:

    It’s still showing up as “private” for me too, but if you’re interested, he has a second animated Nerdist at:

    It’s about three minutes from the James Gunn episode.

  4. CynRyn says:

    I also got the message that the video is private. Disappointing because the clip he played on the show was like a tease and now I can’t get no satisfaction! >=|

  5. Kaptian says:

    It’s set to “private”? But… But… But… Sadface

  6. Jake says:

    that was awesome! u should do an entire episode of that. it gives it so much more flavor

  7. Jeff says:

    i need more of these that was awesome

  8. Ronyoshi says:

    I think if you use two R’s in burito it means donkey. not sure but it looks wrong.

  9. ComicGuy says:

    AT LAST! OH, THE MANY GODS OF PICKLES AND SMURFS, AT LAST! Now I know who it is (besides The Hard Man) that I’m listening to. There were credits, and intros…and..and pictures! My world is complete.
    That is all.

  10. Kaylie says:

    Do the spaghetti time bit from the comedians you should know podcast