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And the New Showrunner for “The Walking Dead” Is….

We may have an answer to the question of who’s taking over the TV version of The Walking Dead now that Glen Mazzara is out: Several outlets, including Deadline, are reporting that it’s current Supervising Producer and writer Scott M. Gimple, which means they’re promoting from within and using someone who’s been on the team since the beginning of Season 2 as the new showrunner.

Gimple wrote two episodes this season, November 18th’s “Hounded” and the upcoming March 24th episode “This Sorrowful Life.” In the second season, he wrote “Save the Last One,” “Pretty Much Dead Already,” and, with Mazzara, “18 Miles Out.” He’s also written for comics (Simpsons), several TV series (including FlashForward, Life, and Fillmore! (a kids’ series, which he created)), and the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which… well, he’s written for The Walking Dead and let’s focus on that. If you write for a living, you’ve written stuff that some people might consider, you know, not all that great. It’s how you pay the rent. (I know someone who shall remain nameless who is actually ESPN’s Matthew Berry — whoops, not nameless anymore — who co-wrote Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and lived to tell the tale) So, are you comforted that the show will be in the hands of someone who knows the ropes and is already part of the operation, or are you still apprehensive?

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  1. Kyle S. says:

    How long before Kirkman gets this one shitcanned?

  2. Johnothan Pedak says:

    But who will be Gimple’s second in command? Because they will be the next showrunner…

  3. lane says:

    Other than Dexter or BSG (at their best), The Shield might be the best ‘situational ethics’ show ever. Now, Walking Dead is actually playing in that same league – I’m pretty certain Mazzara (specifically due to his time on The Shield) was directly responsible for the game-changing quality of late. AMC may have killed the golden goose

  4. CJ says:

    Maybe AMC needs to quit dicking around so that Associate Producers don’t bail out and / or get asked to leave THE WALKING DEAD …

  5. Brash Candycooter says:

    Maybe this guy will let some black people say words