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Amy Jo Johnson Says She’s Up For Appearing in the POWER RANGERS Reboot

Amy Jo Johnson Says She’s Up For Appearing in the POWER RANGERS Reboot

As things slowly trek along towards the 2016 release of Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reoobt, there are still many questions on fans’ minds. Who is going to direct? Who is going to star? Who will the main villain be? But above all else, the one thing people want to know is whether or not any of the former cast members will be involved in the new movie. Well, we now have confirmation that at least one former Mighty Morphin alum is all for appearing in the reboot, and it’s the last one you’d have expected (skip to 3:13 of the following video):

Go go Amy Jo!

The original Pink Ranger has made a complete 180 when it comes to the Power Rangers recently. Amy Jo Johnson’s spent the better part of two decades distancing herself from the franchise, but now it appears as she’s matured, she’s noticed the fans have too, and all she wants now is to embrace her past – as we saw over the weekend. And her genuine enthusiasm for the fandom is perhaps the most exciting thing of all.

Now, it should be noted she isn’t saying she’s going to have a major, active role in the film, but that she would cameo if offered. That’s all anyone wants, just a nice wink and nod to the past, kind of like how Joe Carnahan handled appearances by original cast members in his A-Team film, or, in total wish fulfillment, the way J.J. Abrams handled Spock in his Star Trek reboot. There’s a lot of potential for Amy Jo to have some fun should the creative team be interested in having her (they totally should be).

In what capacity would you want to see Amy Jo appear in the new Power Rangers film? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Marc Levy

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  1. Scott says:

    I think Amy jo should be the new pink ranger’s mom. Oh and liams hemsworth and Chloe Moretz are in talking stages to be the new pink and red rangers.

  2. Scott says:

    Amy Jo should be the new pink ranger’s mom.

  3. Waterspout Lake says:

    I want to see her in it…that is all! The more Amy Jo face time, the better!!!

  4. If Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank would please cameo as a married couple with five kids, I could be healed from most of the angst from my childhood.

  5. MIchael says:

    For the love all that is holy, please NO MORE REBOOTS! Come up with some original ideas.

    • Shaun says:

      Power Rangers NEEDS a Reboot. It’s only had 2 movies in the 90’s. Those actors can’t be rangers anymore. It’s time for new actors so a reboot makes perfect sense.

  6. Mitch says:

    “Power Rangers Reoobt”? Is that a new word?

  7. Alex Combs says:

    Maybe she’ll appear in Dino Charge