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AMC Bets On SModCo, Ramps Up THE WALKING DEAD Spin-off

Following great success from various projects on the network, AMC made a bold move today and announced plans to not only renew the popular reality series Comic Book Men from Kevin Smith for another season, but also green-light a pilot for a potential new weekly late night series starring Smith and his Hollywood Babble-On co-host and KROQ Los Angeles Kevin and Bean sidekick Ralph Garman. Considering the two will host together, it’s no surprise the series, for the moment, is being dubbed Hollywood Babble-On at this stage of development. In addition, a docuseries related to Comic Book Men is being put into development and will focus on frequent series guest Robert Bruce. But the Kevin Smith news is not all the network has planned.

While news on the announced Walking Dead “companion series” has been slim, today the network revealed Sons of Anarchy co-executive producer Dave Erickson is going to be joining with Robert Kirkman to pen the new zombie drama and will executive produce should it go to series. This announcement comes days before the finale of the current season of The Walking Dead and right off the heels of MyNetworkTV nabbing exclusive syndication rights for the show starting this fall.

HT: Deadline

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I would love to see the book REVIVAL picked up by AMC of course

  2. Clara says:

    If inotfmaoirn were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

  3. jw says:

    Yeah..when Kevin Smith was on Arsenio he was just rambling on. I hope he is ok.

    Jeremy he just started to smoke weed recently.

  4. Glenn says:

    “for the moment, is being dubbed Hollywood Babble-On at this stage of development”? Wtf? That’s the name of the show, you twits. I guess I see a name change in the future.

  5. Jeremy Cox says:

    Kevin Smith was ever “pre-marijuana?”

  6. Cpt Spaulding665 says:

    wow you couldn’t be more incorrect Keith

  7. Keith says:

    Pre-marijuana Kevin Smith = great story telling

    Post-marijauna Kevin Smith = long incoherent pointless rambling

  8. Alex says:

    You’ll watch.