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Amazon Announces New Video And Game Streaming Device, Fire TV

It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, guys: Amazon unveiled its own new video and game streaming device, Amazon Fire TV, during a press conference today in New York.

Amazon Fire TV is an Android-based, video and game streaming machine, running on a dedicated GPU and 2GB of RAM.  A direct competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast, the device comes with a unique remote controller the includes a voice activated microphone in it, allowing you to navigate Fire TV’s interface by simply speaking.

Fire TV will include applications for all your usual video services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network, Twitch, etc. It’ll also have a slew of game developer support from the likes of third-party publishers such as Ubisoft and EA, and Minecraft is among the first games announced to be receiving a port for the device.

While I doubt this will contend with the PS4 and Xbox One in the gaming space, I have to say, Fire TV has the potential to be a contender, carving out it’s own corner of the growing gaming market, while continuing to sell itself as a video device. You can pick one of these bad boys up today here, for $99.

HT: Gizmodo

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  1. Mike says:

    If I can download an NES or Gameboy emulator to it, it may be my new console.

  2. Gregofcanada says:

    By the specs alone, for the price it looks like a good deal. As long as I can play my own media on it and posibly root it, Im sold!

  3. Ian says:

    I love how people are dismissing it when they clearly have no opportunity to play it or experience it, you have no idea what will be on it and I know this will come as a surprise but the world can survive without your opinion on something you know nothing about :O

  4. Purpleslog says:

    My first thought is by adding Voice Control to Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video makes this perfect for my citizen senior parents.

  5. girlfriendmd says:

    NOOOOO. I do not have any more HDMI slots on my tv, nor do I have enough space on the power strip. Between the Ouya, Wii, Xbox and PS3, I just don’t need another fucking streaming device. I need amazon and google to stop fighting so I can chromecast everything since I already have one of those.

  6. Orionsangel says:

    Can I sideload apps on it? I dunno, like perhaps XBMC?

  7. jm5150 says:

    its just an just plays mostly cellphone games on your tv. nothing too great considering theyre all just jam packed with ads and microtransactions.