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AMA Recap: MARK HAMILL Loves Guacamole

Mark Hamill participated in a very special AMA far far away this afternoon on behalf of the Make-A-Wish foundation. There were quite a few interesting things we learned today about the world’s most prolific Jedi, most of which we consolidated here to recap for anyone who may have missed out of the festivities. So what did we find out about Mark Hamill today?

Mark Hamill is rather fond of guacamole…


…So much so, that he has a badass recipe for it.


He also enjoys tomato and French onion soup.


He had realistic expectations for Star Wars before it released.


He felt pressure keeping the biggest secret in Star Wars history.


He thinks Luke Skywalker has a great shot at beating Bruce Wayne.


When it comes to cats vs. dogs and Wookies vs. Droids…


His favorite lightsaber color is green, though he was rather fond of Mace Windu’s. (Also, Mark Hamill in next Avengers confirmed?!?)


His first impressions of Harrison Ford were…


Could you imagine his collection of Star Wars memorabilia?


His childhood heroes are…


And his biggest accomplishment is…


The one scene he would go back and change in Star Wars?


100 Ewok-sized AT-ATs or One AT-AT sized Ewok?


He gives great dating advice…


…And has quite the flexible taste in music.


He once befriended a plumber who was good at The Legend Of Zelda (not Mario).


He doesn’t hesitate confirming R2-D2 for the next Star Wars film.


And he has some pretty awesome memories from playing The Joker.


His favorite movies are…


And his greatest inspirations would be…


That damn power converter line still haunts him.


He believes old Luke Skywalker would be an epic beard man.


And no matter what, he’s always with you, like the Force, with his chips and guacamole.


Phew, I feel closer to Mr. Skywalker already. Of course, these are just some of my highlights of the AMA over on Reddit. I definitely encourage everyone to head on over to the page and read as many responses as you can. It is, after all, for a good cause.

Also, don’t forget, you can donate to win a trip to meet Mark Hammil and George Lucas right now. Check here for all of the details pertaining to this and until next time folks, may the Force be with you.

HT: Reddit

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  1. zach says:

    Why does he keep calling him ‘Hans’?

  2. Dave says:

    Mark Hamill in Avengers?

    I think the movie he and Jackson are in is ‘The Secret Service’.