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All I Want for Xmas (Is To Rock)

Yes, I have an 80s glam-metal side project called “Sniper.” Because I CAN is why.

Last year, Jonah Ray and Paul Bonanno put this video together for the nerds at G4. You might spy cameos by Jonah, Rob Huebel, Annie Hardy, Eli Braden, Brendan Walsh and adult filmstress Dana DeArmond.

I’m making the song available for free here (or just listen below), but if you have a few extra bucks, enjoy comedy and would like to feed the impoverished, then purchase it on the Comedy Death-Ray Xmas 2010 album with all proceeds going to the LA Regional Food Bank.


And this holiday season, PLEASE remember to keep on rockin’ like Dokken.

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  1. gladly says:

    This video is provoking some unsettling feelings. I can’t help it: my first concert experience was Poison and Tesla. I still find 80s glam rockers hot and love their music unironically! I don’t like the way those gold pants make me feel! Or do I?

  2. Chris Hardwick says:

    Shit you’re right Marko!!! Also Brendan Walsh, who is a fantastic comic.

  3. Marko says:

    Dude, how are you going to mention this video and NOT mention @AnnieHardy?!/AnnieHardy

  4. Charlie says:

    Great video, now how about one for “Go For It”? Or maybe just a place to download it?

  5. Patti says:

    Chris, I remember this video from last year. I absolutely love it! It’s saved on youtube. Btw, you look very hot in that 80’s glam outfit. Just saying…

  6. The Deej says:

    This will be added to my list of tolerable Xmas songs (as I hate Xmas music) which includes Weird Al’s Xmas at Ground Zero and the Night Santa Went Crazy and the Pogues Fairytale of New York

  7. Changtron says:

    THAT WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT!! This song will not only be blasted at my Xmas party, house, but also my work. Kudos good sir.

  8. Deltus says:

    I’m not sure what was classier: the codpiece, or the barely-double-entendre references to genitalia. Big win, this video.

  9. Luanne says:

    I love it… it’s surely destined to become a Xmas classic!

  10. Hannah Huyck says:

    I love this song and video so much. One of my favorites.

  11. Jenn Zuko says:

    Holy gold pants with a codpiece, Batman!
    Hey, nice fight scene. 😉

  12. Please tell me that Sniper is real. Please Chris.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Rob Hubel is a true glam bassist. And by that I mean he couldn’t possibly be more bored.

  14. kerry says:

    whilst i never truly forget my love for leopard print spandex pants, it’s good to be reminded of that love every so often.