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Alderaan 5-Day Forecast


This was sent to me by Zak Kozberg, who when I asked for a source to credit responded thusly:

“I really have no idea who created it, or who “owns” it.

But to my knowledge, no Bothans died getting it.”

If you know who made this, post it in the comments so we can credit its creator. Unless it came from a network affiliate on Alderaan. In that case…nevermind.

UPDATE: Thanks to Robert Cockerham (my last name’s Hardwick–I feel ya, brother) the idea has been traced to Christian Kit-Paul, a graphic designer who did a whole series of Star Wars-verse iPhone weather forecasts here. Nice sleuthing!!

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  2. Jason says:

    So the weatherman new before everyone else…. Conspiracy!!!!!!!

  3. A-man says:

    I only wish these were in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. Then I would be buying one for sure.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Idk if snorg tees owns this but i know you can buy a shirt from them with that on it, the link is here

  5. Justin says:

    Your teacher should have taken the highlighter away from you in school.

    (your theme sucks in that singular aspect)

  6. Jasper Bing says:

    They should have put the upper case K in the lows collumn.

  7. Double R says:

    EDIT: I clicked the link to kitblog, and those photos are in Celsius. So it’s safe to assume that this is in Fahrenheit, or else it’s even hotter than I first thought.

  8. Double R says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but when I saw the explosion, I guessed they meant 15,000°.

    Explosions are hot, yes?

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  10. Roger says:

    John’s comment on 3/24 @ 2:19–thanks for your comment. I, too, didn’t know what was trying to be characterized. If, in error, the developer meant 15K, even though incorrectly expressing it in degrees, that’s a tad above absolute zero. After seeing your post I realized that he meant to use a lower case “k” as in thousands units, not K as in Kelvin. Proper notation is important and it does make a difference. I shared your initial frustration; and your post brought clarity to the K-degrees obfuscation. It was a WTF moment–now there’s a correct use of notation.

  11. ilaçlama says:

    bu gün benim günüm arkadaşlar.

  12. jonathan miguel says:

    love star wars dude thats so funny

  13. Nick Tomlin says:

    Even Rebecca Black would have issues trying to shoehorn a lyric in about Thursday and Friday on Alderaan!

    Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is death, Thursday is cold and lonely being a space ghost?

    Can someone with musical talent help us out here?

  14. Just Some Guy says:


  15. Jan Dumas says:

    Sorry guys I need to point out that the destruction of Alderaan was not some thing that could have been predicted. It’s cute but…

  16. Jonah says:


    We have recently started a site that we are trying to get off the ground. If anyone is curious we would really appreciate your hits.

  17. Katie says:

    It’s a Snorgtee, you can get it as a T-shirt. Win.

  18. John says:

    Gahhh!!! I was so confused at first: “What’s funning about the temperature dropping to 15 Kelvins? I guess if it blows up it will get a bit colder but that’s a bit extreme.

    Then I realized that the artist, both artists actually were trying to say 15,000 degrees. Next time remember “k”=1,000; “K”= Kelvins.

    There’s a difference, it matters.

  19. Blaire says:

    My last name’s Newhard. It’s fun to think about if I married a Glascock and we hyphenated…

  20. Zak Kozberg says:

    My favorite part of the pic is the blank spaces for Thursday and Friday.

  21. Bdoserror says:

    @J.J. that’s why it should be a lowercase k, the prefix for kilo, which I started with.

  22. This makes me so happy

  23. J.J. says:

    @Bdoserror I think The 15K refers to 15,000 not 15 Kelvin so 15,000 degrees makes sense.

  24. Andy says:

    Aw. Too soon.

  25. Bdoserror says:

    Well actually (, that should read “15k” instead of “15K” (SI prefix for “kilo” rather than the symbol for Kelvin, which coincidentally is temperature unit, but it doesn’t use “degrees”) .

  26. Sarah says:

    It’s actually a t-shirt from SnorgTees:

  27. Its from an iphone weather app from Cristian Kit Paul.
    There’s a whole SET!

  28. John Howard says:

    Haha, this was great.

  29. @The_Nicktator says:

    This made my day.