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‘Airplane!,’ ‘Empire Strikes Back’ On Movie Preservation List

The Library of Congress has released this year’s list of movies it will preserve for posterity in the National Film Registry, and right there at the top is “Airplane!” Surely any movie with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in a starring role and Barbara Billingsley translating jive deserves preservation. Yes, it does, and don’t call… no, can’t do it. That was Leslie Nielsen’s forever.

Also on the list are things like George Lucas’ original “Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB” short from 1967, “The Empire Strikes Back,” “The Exorcist,” “Saturday Night Fever,” the original “Grey Gardens” documentary, “The Pink Panther,” and “All the President’s Men.” Lots of silent and obscure films, too, including “A Trip Down Market Street,” silent film from 1906 that shows San Francisco days before the earthquake destroyed most of what’s in the film.

They pick 25 films for preservation every year, and they ask the public for nominations, so go to and tell them what you want to be preserved next year. Otherwise, “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” might be lost to history.

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  1. Noblelox says:

    Also… what version of Empire are the adding tot he library? The original 1980 version, that is in need of protection, or the version Lucas has made into a cartoon over the last 20 years?

  2. Noblelox says:

    My word, that SF 1906 footage… how many people got killed a day on that road!?!?! They are just walking in front of cable cars, horse drawn carts just pulling out without knowing what is coming. I wonder how long it took them to invent traffic lanes and lights?

  3. Thank you, Corey.

    How do I do it? Volume!


  4. Corey Ferreira says:

    dear mr.perry michael simon,
    you blog so prolifically i imagine that you are a homunculus jacked in matrix style to your mac book.
    you have far superior internet-fu than myself.
    that is all.