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ADVENTURE TIME’S Epic Sandwich is Real and We Want It

There are many reasons to love Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, not the least of which is his exquisite culinary taste. Jake’s greatest trait is that he doesn’t discriminate; he loves junk food just as much as he appreciates fine cuisine.


Jake’s commitment to flavor is best displayed when he’s doing the cooking. In the episode “Time Sandwich” Jake creates a breathtaking, elaborate 12-step sandwich. Now this epic hoagie has become a real-life masterpiece. Andrew Rea of Binging With Babish painstakingly recreated Jake’s recipe, starting with his key step of sous viding a boneless rib eye.

While one of Jake’s ingredients includes killing and cooking a bird from his window, Rea takes a less gruesome and more culinary approach by deboning a cornish game hen. I’m sure his window birds appreciate this variation.

The trickiest part of this recipe is the lobster soul. Jake boils the lobster and wafts the essence onto the sandwich and Rea instead creates an aioli out of lobster shells giving the sandwich added flavor.

You have to give Rea credit: he adheres to Jake’s recipe as much as possible to the point of rubbing onions and lemons in his eyes to get his own salty tears to flavor the sandwich. Now that’s commitment to the craft.


The massive sandwich is hard to get your mouth around if you’re not a shape-shifting magical dog. Rea suggests breaking it up and eating it like a four course meal, which is probably the best way to tackle this monstrosity.

In the end the sandwich looks pretty close to Jake’s original vision, check out the full Perfect Sandwich video on the Binging With Babish YouTube channel.

Would you attempt making Jake’s perfect sandwich? Let us know in the comments and show us your version by tagging @nerdist and @justjenn on twitter.

Image: Cartoon Network

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