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Adventure People!Adventure People!

Adventure People! Episode 5: The Doubleclicks

Adventure People!, our Totinos-sponsored series that takes a look at cool, geeky people and their cool geeky jobs, takes a trip up North to Portland, Oregon this week to meet The Doubleclicks. Comprised of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber, The Doubeclicks are a “nerd-folk” band whose songs are inspired by a few of our favorite things: Dungeons & Dragons, dinosaurs, and more. After being commissioned to write a song about Totinos pizza rolls, The Doubleclicks wrote an epic ode to pizza rolls and their many uses, including holding pirates’ booty, traveling through space and time in a pizza-TARDIS, making new friends, and everything in between.

The duo also shared a bit of the making of their tongue-in-cheek music video, how they got into the nerd-folk music scene, and why they’re glad Totinos supports independent comedy and art. Go behind the scenes with The Doubleclicks right here:

Song and video written and directed by The Doubleclicks
Director of Photography: Joseph Erikson 
Producer: Lucia Fasano
Assistant Director: Pat Rafferty
Props and art direction: Amy Pombo 
Fire Performance: Justin Turner

Also featuring (in order of appearance):
Kyle McCormick
Barbara Holm
Kevin M. Arnold
Katie Rose Leon
Fletcher Lanning
Hollyanna McCollum
Richard Malena
Bri Pruett

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