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Adorable 3D-Printed Corgis Are Led by Thorgi, The Corgi God of Thunder

When you need the planet saved from Ultron, but you also want it done in an adorable manner, you call upon Thorgi! The Corgi God of Thunder! Even if he is just a 3D-printed little guy for your desk, not even Ultron could destroy a world capable of making him. Especially when he has so many other little friends to collect, too.

These wonderful little creations are the work of Eric Ho, the founder of the “3D printing collaborative design shop” Raw Legend Collaborations. Besides corgis, they also make other figurines (like cats, frogs, sloths, etc), as well as elaborate bottle openers and other great statues (how about a Neil deGrasse Tyson for your home?). However, it’s the corgis that Ho says are the most in-demand.

“The 3D printed corgis are wildly popular because they appeal to the corgi community, are cute, adorable, and cosplay funny puns,” Ho said. He isn’t kidding about the cosplay part either. Besides Thorgi, here’s just a few of the other corgis he’s helped create.

Corgi Potter



Someone cue up the Fry meme and take my money right now.

Corgi of the Opera



I can’t even discuss this rationally right now.

Iron Corgi


Imagine how sad it would be to watch this guy battle with his friend Corgi America.

Lobster Corgi


As someone who sincerely believes Lobster Dog is the greatest animal that ever lived, this might be the greatest 3D-printed creation of all-time.

Make sure you head over to Ho’s Shapeways page, where the corgis will run you 25 dollars, and check out the other cool items he has up for sale, including the rest of his corgis.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us below.

Images: Shapeways/Eric Ho

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