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Adele Joined James Corden for the Best Carpool Karaoke Ever

Imagine how great it would be to get to sing with Adele while the two of you drive around in your car.

Then imagine what it would be like for her to start rapping.

Yeah, well James Corden actually got to do that and it’s as awesome as you’d think.

In his latest edition of Carpool Karaoke, the host of The Late Late Show returned home to England and went for a drive with Adele (hence being on the other side of the car and road), and it’s all kinds of great.

There’s just so much going on here beyond the singing parts that I’m just going to list my favorite highlights:

  • Adele being genuinely impressed with Corden’s voice
  • Finding out Adele played the drums on “Hello,” leading to Corden saying
    “You’re the female Phil Collins.”
  • Adele telling a story about getting drunk and paying for a family’s dinner, and not remembering she took another family’s email so she could give them tickets
  • Hearing Adele’s genuine love and admiration for the Spice Girls (including learning about her “Spice Girls Parties”)
  • The two of them then singing “Wannabe”
  • Learning why she names her albums after age, and why “25” is the last one she’ll name that way
  • Corden telling her to realize she’s “Adele.” (A.ka. dropping the “A-Bomb.”)
  • Adele’s new “hype man”


Of course, all the best moment of all is when Adele starts rapping the Nicki Minaj part of “Monster” and the universe is perfect for a moment.

Adele might be the most honest celebrity alive. I don’t think she’s capable of not telling the absolute truth at all times. She’s the best.

What was your favorite part of this video? Sing it in the comments below.

Images: The Late Late Show/YouTube

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