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Adam Savage Gave Me a ‘Time Bandits’ Map

As referenced in the Nerdist Podcast Episode 58! I might try to have sex with the different time holes, thereby imbuing my wiener with historical properties.

It’s on canvas, and as a bonus, he’s going to send me a guide to folding it to make the creases accurate. It really is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

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  1. Geoffrey Schumann says:

    I just bought the HD copy for $9.99 on as it’s their one year anni’ … As a avid Steamer within the Steampunk movement.. this would be the “feather in my cap” to have with my outfit 🙂

  2. Zarkov says:

    Wow, glad I found this. Great pic!! Must share this one. Anyone else interested in a map, please visit my etsy store.

  3. Paul says:

    Sorry. Must be done.

    “Return what you have stolen from me! Return the map!”

  4. halfling says:

    My husband just introduced me and the kids to that movie a few weeks ago. Great movie and what a cool gift!!

  5. coconutphone says:

    nerdgasm! That’s amazing Chris!

  6. Dustin says:

    Adam Savage?
    Christ Hardwick?

    My nerd worlds just collided.

  7. Gabriel says:

    Return what you have stolen from me! Return the map! It will bring you great danger. Stop…Now!

  8. JetpackBlues says:

    YAY Chris! Get the folds put in and frame that bad boy A.S.A.F.P.!

    Now ask Adam to flip you a copy of his awesome Middle Earth Map and you’ll be all set!

  9. Patti says:

    Wow, that is so cool! Adam is an awesome friend to give you such a great gift! I love Time Bandits.

  10. JJ says:

    I now have to hate you forever… Unless I get one of my own.

  11. OMG the first time I saw that movie it freaked me out. Love it!! What an awesome gift.

  12. robgonzo says:

    Historical Wiener is the name of my Prince Albert tribute band.

  13. Caryn says:

    Wow. Iconic memorabilia. I listened to this episode while running a whopping 5 miles this morning (LAME! running nerd) and I gotta say… it gets me through each mile. So thank you.

  14. Greg says:

    That is excellent!

  15. Jason Eaton says:

    We did a run using Adam’s art about six or seven years ago – he did a tremendous job!! Printed them on canvas… here’s the tutorial:

  16. tmcelmurry says:

    You lucky dog. That is totally awesome. I could have sworn I heard you chanting, “I have the Map! I have the Map! And the day after tomorrow…The World!”

  17. Adam Willis says:

    Haven’t watched that movie since I was a kid, but I still love it! That’s a fantastic gift and I am sufficiently jealous.

  18. Josh says:

    When you get the folding guide, would you mind sharing it? I have the canvas map replica and would love to get the proper creasing.

  19. my_leisure says:

    AMAZING!! I want one!