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Adam Driver Wields the Trisaber for SNL Promos

“I’m gonna order the super sexy host with extra talent, and a side of dark, mysterious eyes. What about you?”

“I’m gonna have the Cobb salad.”

The only thing wrong with the promos for this week’s SNL episode, featuring Adam Driver and Kate McKinnon having lunch at a diner, is that they don’t go on forever.

Kylo Ren himself is making his Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, and if you were wondering what could push a man such as himself to the Dark Side of the Force, apparently all it takes is eating his last fry. In fairness, that would push anyone to violence.

Unlike the traditional SNL promos with the host that are filmed on the main studio stage, these took place at a nearby diner, a fact that sent Driver into dark, existential despair. Are we sure he isn’t behind the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account?

Oh, and none of us should be surprised to find out that Kate McKinnon is trained to use a lightsaber. Geez, between that and her learning how to use a proton pack, she’s building quite the nerd resume.

I have to say, if you still haven’t seen The Force Awakens, you should probably do so before you watch this episode, because I don’t know how much longer you could possibly avoid any Star Wars spoilers. Also, it’s been a month, so go see the movie.

The musical guest this week is country musician Chris Stapleton, who is also making his SNL debut.

Who should be the next The Force Awakens star to host SNL? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: NBC

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