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About Last Night….

What was last night’s taping of the Nerdist TV pilot for BBC America like?  I can’t tell you. Not everything, that is.  Oh, I can tell you that it was hilarious, that Craig Ferguson killed, that Chris, Jonah, Matt, and Mike Phirman were customarily great, that the audience was awesome, even that it took a long time because, well, TV show tapings take a long time.  But I can’t tell you about the Super Special Secret Guest yet.  And if you were there, or if you know or can guess who that Super Special Secret Guest was, do everyone a favor and keep it quiet (and out of the comments, please!) until we can spill it later.

In the meantime, I was hovering around the set with a borrowed camera I’d never used before, so apologies for the quality of these shots (and the angles — YOU try maneuvering around a tightly-packed audience and cameras everywhere), but we have some pictures to give you some idea of what was going on….

Here’s what the room looked like from the back:

Before the show, Chris took a picture of Mike while I took a picture of Chris taking a picture of Mike:

Several audience members were in costume.  This human TARDIS got some attention on the show:

And some more costumery:

Here are parts of the set you might notice when the show airs:

Phirman, Jonah, and Matt got together for an impromptu jam session. Okay, it was just Jonah playing the bongos.  He likes bongos.

Chris warmed up the crowd:

The show began with our regular trio:

And they were later joined by the incomparable Craig Ferguson:


And then there was another guest, and music and much frivolity deep into the night.  You shoulda seen it.  Oh, right, you WILL see it, at least in the U.S., on BBC America. Until then, our cast, crew, and audience send their love:

(Remember, no fair spoiling the special guest in the comments, okay?  Behave!)

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  1. Myke Hawke says:

    Really loved the show, but it was way to short. It felt as if it was getting started then ended. I hope to see more of it and if not there is always the podcast and stand up.

  2. Smoss says:

    Really chuffed that everyone had fun – and really wish the show well chaps! Does anyone know if it’ll get shown over here in the u.k? Got my fingers crossed.x

  3. Austin Biberdorf says:

    Cool, what network is this gonna be on? I can’t wait to see it.

  4. jay says:

    So when is the nerdist show going to air? Because I listen to you guys every day on my way to work. ps I work at 4 30 in the morning.

  5. Paul says:

    I Listen To The Podcast It Is Funny And I Was Hoping For This For years To Come Thanks BBC America Question When Will The Pilot Air IN HD My DVR IS ASKING

  6. Ryan H says:

    I’m super stoked that you folks are producing a TV show. Really. Really really. BUT, will there still be a Nerdist podcast? Because it’s the only thing that prevents me from falling asleep and dying a fiery death on my daily commute.

  7. Rosie Forest says:

    Holy Jesus Matt… You look so frakking awesome! It took me a second to recognize you. Keep up the good work dude!

  8. Viktor says:


    Hah, just fucking kidding with you. You (Matt) look fucking ROCKING! Great job, buddy! Same goes for the rest a’ ya. Y’know, even if Matt is working really hard at it, what with the back problems and all. Y’know. Whatever. Also, Craig Ferguson! If only you could now get both Craig and Neil Gaiman. OR WAIT IS HE THE SPECIAL GUEST?!!? DUN DUN DUN!

    Hmm. Man do I wish I could have been there- I have this old tricked out extremely steampunk Professor Layton costume just sitting in my closet from past DragonCons… I guess I’ll just keep listening to the podcasts (and later watch the show) and dream ;_;

    Seriously, again, that first part was just fucking with ya. I know from the podcast that you guys always take note of the rude bullshit that gets posted online more than the kind stuff, so I thought if I just lead in with a hook maybe I’d get on the podcast. The two things I’ve been planning around doing is sometime next year going to see a few friends, and then going to Nerdist @ Meltdown and seeing (in order of importance that it happen due to rarity/uniqueness, no offense meant to any of you guys) :

    1. Matt do stand-up, that crazy voodoo that he do
    2. Jonah do, well, anything ’cause he’s fucking entertaining
    3. Chris, in any capacity. Even if it ends up just being a random cardboard cut-out.

    I’m not trying to mythologize you guys or anything but there’s a special place in my heart for anything/anyone that can keep me laughing and thinking over 4 hr+ drives, without fail. Nevermind that you helped revitalize my stand-up attempts. Good on ya.


    P.S. It may look like Jonah came in second in order of importance, but that’s just because 2 is the number for us cool guys who listen to excellent music and dress like chill lumber jacks #teamjonah

    P.P.S. Yeah, I know hashtags don’t work in these posts but I’m too hipster to care. #hashtaghipster

  9. dan says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i cant find an answer. When is it supposed to air? Its not in my dvr listings yet…

  10. AK Hunter says:

    I’m looking forward to the day when I can refer to this first episode as “back when the show was good.”

    There’s a compliment in there, but you have to work for it.

  11. Nick Borowski says:

    Matt looks awesome

  12. Mike is the band for the TV show. The entire band. He is, as always, terrific.

  13. Mike Royston says:

    Is mike part of the crew now??

  14. Mike Royston says:

    Is mike part of the crew now?

  15. smartbunny says:

    Mike Phirman is a delicate genius.

  16. Omg, so fun at the taping. The green screen skit had my wife and I laughing for dayz.

  17. Great photos and Matt you are looking GOOD!!!

  18. Chris says:

    The idea of this gets me unreasonably excitied but the BBC better broadcast this in England! Else i’ll be forced to use nefarious means to watch it and that makes me feel dirty.

  19. well… now I will need to look where I can watch it here in Brazil! sure looks like it is a very fun show

  20. Fausto rivera says:

    Ok I was ther there were two special guests paul McCartney and ringo starr

  21. sgenius says:

    I second Jeff Kelly and Dave! there. No fair! There are nerds all over the world, you know! One of them being me! Please oh please (I’m begging on my knees here) let there be a way for this glorious moments of nerdery to overwhelm our eyes and ears with their… er… gloriousness.

  22. Magnoliafan says:


    Looks like everyone had a great time.

  23. Dave! says:

    Even though I am a foreign devil, I want to watch this with my brimstony eyes.

  24. Jeff Kelly says:

    Will there be a – oh how shall I put it – somewhat alternative source for the pilot. Somewhat less broadcasty *wink*, *wink*, *nudge*, *nudge* ifyouknowwhatimean.

    In all seriousness I’m a bit sad the we dirty foreigners will probably have no opportunity to watch it.

  25. Morgan Elektra says:

    Multiple nerdgasms. So excited to see this when it airs!! Is it ready yet? How ’bout now?

  26. Collin says:

    Matt, you look awesome!

  27. Slappy Nick says:

    Great pictures, it would have been so awesome to be there. The set looks radical, I can’t wait till it airs! On behalf of nerds everywhere, I’m hoping for the best for this pilot!

  28. Ben D says:

    I cant express how much fun this show is going to be after watching the taping! Even wearing that uncomfortable green makeup (yes, I am the overly large doozer) was totally worth it when getting serinaded by Big C! So excited for you guys. Congrats! It’s going to be a hit!

  29. Mike says:

    Super Special Secret Guest? Alright everyone, fingers crossed in unity aaaaaand: DavidTennantDavidTennantDavidTennantDavidTennant
    #orMattSmith #ProbablyMattSmith #EitherWouldBeAwesome

  30. Kwame says:

    I’m so pump for this show and BIG C nerdist shirts need to be made soon. Keep up the great work. THE NERDIST WILL RULE THEM ALL

    side note (or low note since its at the lowest point of this text box), you guys got me into Dr. Who, THANK YOU

  31. Rich Johnson says:

    Is there an official airdate yet? I’m super psyched.

  32. Tad Stones says:

    I’m loving the fact that Matt is the only who put effort into his outfit. (well, besides Craig Ferguson, maybe) Lookin’ snazzy [Big C]!

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Rich says:

    Nice to see Chris warm up the crowd with some faith healing.

  34. Meghan says:

    Everyone and everything looks amazing! And I have a newfound desire to own a TARDIS dress.

  35. @humanprototype0 says:

    Just from these stills I can tell its gonna be a great show. The set looks AMAZING, great job Chris!

    Heres hoping it gets picked up! *fingers crossed*

  36. Joshua Morgan says:

    Wow matt looks great! I can’t wait to see this when it airs! I hope they keep the hostful episodes! And I didn’t know I could get any better, but +phirman awesome!

  37. Sarah says:

    I’m loving the fact that Chris is the only who put effort into his outfit. (well, besides Craig Ferguson, maybe) Lookin’ snazzy [Big C]!

    Keep up the good work!