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Abed, The Dungeon Master

Oh, right, you’ll want to know that on tonight’s episode of “Community,” the study group plays Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, two Nerdist favorites merge in one convenient half-hour dose.







Danny Pudi talks about the episode a little in this interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture blog. And, yes, I know, “The Big Bang Theory” is on at the same time. That’s what DVRs are for. Or having two TV sets on at once.

Watch it, post your comments below, and remember, if you’re watching on the East Coast, some of us won’t see it until three hours later.  Easy with the spoilers, okay?

Image: NBC

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  1. Sheldon Witt says:

    GREAT Episode! For sure one of my favorites so far.

  2. just watched the episode. i giggled and clapped my hands more times than i prefer to admit. my only regret is that the episode was only 22 minutes long. thanks for posting this!

  3. Jen says:

    That has turned into my very favourite episode of Community (with last year’s Halloween episode coming in a close second but only because I am a straight female and Joel McHale in his cowboy outfit make me temporarily forget my husband’s name)

    The husband and I only had one beef with the episode: where were the snacks? We have been known to go to gamecons from time to time and 2 litre bottles of pop and large bags of chips and twizzlers are constant fixtures with gamers.

  4. GospelX says:

    @coconutphone: It’s true, no one else could have been against the group but play the game. However, Shirley would have been an appropriate antagonist by simply saying the game was completely evil and against God. Jeff also would have fit the bill by saying it wasn’t cool enough. But honestly, I just think the episode order should have been rearranged so that we didn’t get too much evil Pierce at once.

  5. coconutphone says:

    @GospelX Wo else but Pierce could be the antagonist in this ep though?

    I’m still crying laughing/terrified of Chang’s Dark Elf persona. Stellar, stellar episode.

  6. Ellie says:

    I laughed so hard I was actually crying at points.

    Cannot get enough Community!

  7. Gospel X says:

    Great episode! It was a well made loving homage, but at the same time they approached it with an appropriate level of repulsion and disdain. But is it just me or is it bothersome to others that Pierce was the antagonist two weeks in a row?

  8. Kam says:

    Yes! I hope this D&D episode will be just as funny as the one in The IT Crowd. I also can’t wait for the episode Richard Ayoade is going to direct. My two worlds have collided in the most amazing way possible.

  9. Becca says:

    Having seen the episode, let me say that all the hype is worth it. It’s the best 21 minutes of television I’ve ever seen.