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A Universal Picture

Logos are a special category of nerdistry. I know there are folks who are obsessed with corporate logos or sports logos or record labels — the actual label pasted on a vinyl record, not just the company that distributes the music — and I admit to verging on being one of those people (especially with sports logos and TV station and network logos). There are some people who are deeply into movie studio logos, what you see when the trailers are done and the lights are finally totally off and the movie starts up, whether it’s the familiar searchlight fanfare of Fox or the stars and mountain of Paramount or the shield of Warner Bros. I’m not an expert on movie studio logos, but I’ll admit that seeing the studio logo on the big screen carries with it a thrill of anticipation for the movie to come that’s sometimes better than the movie itself.

Universal is changing its logo this year to commemorate its 100th anniversary, and it’s not a radical change, retaining the name-in-front-of-globe motif that it’s had pretty much since the beginning (save the mirror-ball deco version of 1937-46, which was a stylized version of the same) and adding the 100th Anniversary notation and “A Comcast Company” below along with Jerry Goldsmith’s 1997 fanfare. The new logo’s been public since January. But for the occasion of the on-screen debut of the logo with the opening of The Lorax on Friday, the above is a montage of all of the studio’s animated logos.

Logo nerds, this one’s for you.

‘Course, they left out the awesome 8-bit version that kicked off Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

HT: The Aggregate via BuzzFeed

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  1. And welcome to all those here through the link at Uni-Watch, thanks to Paul Lukas and reader Steve! Maybe someday I’ll do a post here with all the old ABA and WHA programs and yearbooks I have… no, that wouldn’t go over well here, but perhaps on my own site when I get that going again (…

  2. Rex says:

    How about a compilation of the alternate openings, including my favorite from Waterworld:

  3. David DeMar says:

    I have to admit, I got a little choked up watching the evolution of the Universal logo. What the hell is wrong with me?

  4. Mike Gorgone says:

    Let us not forget another great Universal opening, that for the Firefly film, Serenity.

  5. red says:

    DVNO?….thats the best video ever made, wow!

  6. Andykins says:

    I see your Universal logos and raise you this Justice video: