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A Slap, Some Poop Jokes, and The Big Empty: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

And sometimes, you get to the end of the week and there’s nothing left in the tank. Like, um, now. While Chris is enjoying his burrito with the good people of the Twin Cities, I’m in California and I don’t have a burrito and I’m out of time. Well, usually, something happens during the week to trigger a rant to use in the weekly wrap-up. This week? Let’s see:

Monday: Nothing interesting. Wrote a lot about bin Laden.

Tuesday: I don’t remember Tuesday. Did it even happen? Oh, yeah, I got gas for the car. That was exciting.

Wednesday: I bought peanut butter. And I accidentally ripped the curtains off the window in the bedroom.

Thursday: BIG EXCITEMENT! I took my computer to the store of the company named after fruit that Matt works for to address the dreaded Bulging Battery problem. They cheerfully and swiftly replaced the battery. And I wrote my column for the other site, and… um, that was it.

Friday: Today? I went food shopping. I used coupons. Fun!

There you have it, the glamorous life of me. And that brings us to what happened this week at Nerdist. It was far more interesting than my week:

1. Kyle started the week by reviewing That Show‘s second episode of the season. DON’T SAY ANYTHING — I HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET. It’s on my DVR. Hey, don’t judge — I’m busy. And I DID watch the special where the star of That Show was shown doing the Nerdist Podcast and Chris was interviewed. ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?

2. Danny posted the video of Nathan Fillion in a slap contest gone wrong.

3. Matthew G. listed his choices for the ten worst people at concerts. He nailed most of them.

4. The podcast welcomed Damon Lindelof, who spoke at length about a show he did with Carlton Cuse that you all loved. Yes, “Nash Bridges” was… no, wait, it was that other one, with the island and the plane and stuff….

5. Patrick alerted us to a game company doing a good thing for a kid with leukemia.

6. Matthew B. pointed us towards someone who created an algorithm that automated the process of inserting “That’s what she said!” into conversations. In other words, it’s Michael Scott-in-a-box.

7. Someone’s working on a kiss transmission device so you can waggle your tongue and remotely have a stick waggle in someone else’s mouth via the Net. Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.

8. We saw MTV Brasil’s flip-book-style animation on popping balloons, and marveled that someone actually thought to do that.

9. Nicole alerted us to a new Harry Hanrahan clip video, this one with the 100 greatest movie insults of all time. It’s NSFW. Definitely. That’s what makes them great.

10. Star Wars Day came and went, and I managed not to say the phrase everyone else was saying that day. I’m such a rebel.

11. We’re taking requests for Node Warriors to help publicize Chris’ shows in Seattle and Dallas.

12. Ted reported on the unlikely situation in which Neil Gaiman became a political issue in Minnesota.

13. Chris added a second show in Brooklyn. No sleep ’til then.

14. Comic art for a great cause brought Doctor Who and Cul de Sac together.

15. We got new “Green Lantern” and “Conan the Barbarian” trailers.

16. Anjeanette pondered the guy who didn’t shave for a decade to keep his promise not to shave until bin Laden was captured or killed. By the way, he cut himself shaving it off.

17. It’s thin. It fits in your pocket. It’s a high-resolution microscope. Wow.

18. There’s a comic book hero ranking going on. Apparently, neither Baby Huey nor Richie Rich made the cut.

19. A cat hit a pinata. Like it had any other options.

20. The publicity drumbeat for “X-Men: First Class” gave us a look at Banshee, Havok, and Beast. They seem nice.

21. Chris had a (perfectly justifiable) “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?” moment before Dana DeArmond stopped by the Podcast to talk about the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” porn parody. Then things took a different turn. Poop jokes ahoy!

22. Get your mind-controlled cat ears!

23. Ted pointed out, in light of the Kentucky Derby Saturday, that horses get funny names.

24. Lots of things are going on at NerdMelt. You should go.

Hey, if you’ve gotten this far, one more thing. I’ll be walking with my wife in Saturday’s Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles, raising money for research and treatment of women’s cancers. It’s an annual thing for us — my wife is a survivor, five years now — and it’s always a fun and emotional time. If you can donate, here’s the link: Thanks, and if you’re in L.A., come on out. Oh, yeah, and whatever you do, as always, remember to enjoy your burrito.  We will.

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  1. Christine says:

    I just watched Day of the Moon, so no judging on being a bit behind. I missed the special though and really wanted to see it. Know if I can find it online somewhere?

  2. Justin Helmer says:

    The show in MPLS was INCREDIMAZEBALLS! Can’t wait for Chris to come back and bring Matt and Jonah along.

    If anyone in the world should try Surly beer it is Jonah Ray.