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A Short Guide to Genius: Pontificate, Caffeinate, Innovate

I just watched this video and got even MORE excited about innovative social networking spaces like The Node.

Now, will  you listen to Steven Johnson throw down brain tinglies? Or watch this skillful hand win Pictionary for all time? You’ll have to make that choice for yourself.


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  1. Nexus says:

    Yes that’s true: more connection = more ideas and the godian node of our age is to learn how internet is dangerous. As philosopher Slavoj Zizek says, we are in the inter-passive era, not in the inter-active one. Too much links generate annhililation of minds so we need, for ex., that someone “laught” for us (like in the pre-registered laughing in comedy series) because we “interact too much”.
    The solution? Bet on EDUCATION. Yo!

  2. Patti says:

    That was awesome!

  3. DefconDan says:

    Dear Sandra,



    Loves only himself,

    PS And his wife too!

  4. Dear Terry,

    She promises nothing.



  5. Terry says:

    Please don’t say “tinglies” ever again.

  6. Shane says:

    Wow that was cool.

  7. fletch says:

    Seems like a long winded way to explain what happens at freenode IRC every day. Everyone has their specialties and sometimes they manage to come together and create good software. If software is not your thing I’m sure you can find a channel or ten on freenode or one of the others with something interesting to you. Sit there and leech a while, see what others are up to. Then pipe up and join forces with similar-minded people. If your idea has weak points, IRC will tell you! Just be sure to have a thick skin, watch out for trolls, and try to sort the good ideas from the bad.

  8. Chris Hardwick says:

    Send an email to [email protected], Jon! And welcome!

  9. Jon says:

    How can i become apart of The Node. The idea fascinates me i have never heard of anything like it.

  10. Kronos says:

    Must Own Book. I think that this book will translate well over many endeavors that require pure thought to produce, not just inventing technology.