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A Photo From the Set of Halloween 2…


Your eyes are not tricking your brain! I’m willing to bet you would never expect to see all of these faces in the same picture. Weird Al? Got ’em. Rob Zombie? Affirmative. Macolm McDowell? Check. Me? I don’t know how, but YES. I’m not allowed to tell you exactly WHAT we were shooting, but I can tell you it was one of most fun work experiences I’ve ever had.

Image credit: Dimension Films

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  1. PurpleHayzzze says:

    “..a little of the old in-out” This picture is tight. Heard you on the Carolla podcast…nice work.

  2. Gianna says:

    I just had a nerdgasm. Holy shit, batman, this is a beautiful picture.

  3. Jess(E) says:

    It looks like some sort of news program or game show set.
    I will be watching H2 when it comes out. Word.

  4. Deltus says:

    You know, it’s dangerous to have that much awesome in one room without structural reinforcements.

  5. Charlie says:

    all whiter than a jar of mayonnaise in a cheese sandwich factory


  6. very cool. you dont look like you in this pic.

  7. Mike_M says:

    Does that picture have something to do with the new TV show you talked about hosting?

  8. TonyWasRight says:

    I would watch that episode of The View anytime.

  9. Roberto says:

    Chris said…
    “I’m not allowed to tell you exactly WHAT we were shooting,’

    GAY PORN?????

  10. Sam Swanson says:

    This is beyond awesome

  11. Are you sure is not a photomontage?

  12. kerry says:

    holy covering-a-wide-spectrum-of-cult-celebrity, batman! that’s rad!

  13. Christine says:

    a Geekgasm indeed.

  14. mike says:

    “And this morning on our Sunday roundtable….”

  15. smartbunny says:

    Malcom McDowell! I’m all vibratey in my gutty-wuts!

  16. thrsmnmyhdbtsntm says:

    i find my self looking at this picture kinda like rob zombie is looking at the camera, with interest and confusion. mostly confused by why rob zombie doesn’t get a chair?

  17. LisaG says:

    Oh, so much awesome in one photo! This could’ve been another caption contest.

  18. RadNerd says:

    congrats dude! im glad you’re bookin.

  19. Mr. Jones says:

    Land sakes, lil’ Chris Hardwick, all growed up in a suit and tie! If I had know’d way back when, back when he was just “Lil’ Chris Hardwick and His Golden Tonsils”, that he was going to be all big-n-tall with Michael McDowell sayin’ “Howdy Doo” just as nat’ral as goin’ to the bait store for the latest wrigglers… well, it just shows to go you I guess.

  20. Martin says:

    Linderman. Yeah that was his name!

  21. Martin says:

    Holy crap it’s the douche from Heroes!

  22. ebrocklavitch says:

    I’m having a total Geekgasm. All those names in the same project, I may just faint. If you won’t give more info about the project, you at least have to say a line from Weird Al’s Albuquerque during Attack of the Show this week. Something like “Big Bowl of Sauerkraut” or “Got any Bear Claws” or “NAH, we’re outta bear claws” or my favorite, “You know, just completely missing the irony of the whole situation, Man, some people just can’t take a joke, you know?”

  23. Johnny Oz says:

    Heh, very nice Chris.

    Keep us updated AMAP (as much as possible). 🙁