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A New Trailer For Disney’s “Planes”


A trailer has surfaced for Disney’s Planes, a sort-of-spinoff from Cars (but not a Pixar movie). This trailer’s courtesy of and the one on the front page is from AllsTrailers; several sites are showing last year’s teaser and labeling it as the new trailer, but this one’s the new one.

This was supposed to go direct to video but is now ticketed to theaters on August 9th. John Lasseter is producing, but, again, it’s not a Pixar production.

Does this look too Cars-like for you? (Like, almost identical?) Any interest?

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  1. atamagashock says:

    @MonarchHench you really think that Cars @ was more aimed at the children audience? Cars 2 is aimed more to the adult audience than Cars was. Kids dont understand the whole James Bond esque storyline. As a matter of fact, when i watched Cars 2, my immediate reaction was that this movie was totally geared towards the adults bringing their children to see it. I loved both movies, but i personally enjoyed Cars 2 more, because of the Bond type storyline

  2. MonarchHench says:

    I feel like Cars was actually more aimed at the normal Pixar-loving audience, I think I enjoyed it more than some. But as far as Cars 2 and Planes go, they seem to be completely aimed at a kid audience. Too bad.

  3. Oh, the crappy Cars-adjacent film that Disney has included the trailer for on every Blu-Ray release for the last year-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years is finally coming out? Loverly.

  4. Carlos says:

    Honestly this looks like a parody. It’s that bad. I’ve always thought Cars was a cynical attempt to move in on Hot Wheels’ prized merchandizing territory. This new enterprise seems like more of the same.

  5. Tyler says:

    Or “Trains,” hopefully with Steve Martin doing a voice to make the trilogy “Planes, Trains and Car-mobiles.”

  6. Honeybunbadger says:

    Can’t wait for the trailer for “Boats”.

  7. Bowties Are Cool says:

    Yikes. This looks terrible. Toy Story 2 was supposed to be straight to video as well and was really crappy. When it got an actual release John Lasseter said they redid most of the movie in record time. Maybe that will happen here.

    But it not being a pixar film, I doubt it.

  8. ugh. Let it go John Lasseter.