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A Healthy Hostful, A ‘DEAD’ Man, A Pitcher Looks Back, And Nerdist Mom: The Week In Podcasts

A Healthy Hostful, A ‘DEAD’ Man, A Pitcher Looks Back, And Nerdist Mom: The Week In Podcasts

It’s Friday, and that means we recap what we did on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week. We did a lot. Let’s take a look:

The Original 3 were back in the saddle for a Hostful Nerdist Podcast, and we learned a lot about the guys’ health. Turns out Jonah’s in better shape than he thought, Matt’s in therapy, and everyone’s high on Robert Altman’s Popeye, because why not.

Ross Marquand, he of The Walking Dead and rapid-fire impression fame, made it weird on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, and it kicks off with music talk — Pete is unfamiliar with Gary Numan? — and moves on to the value of suffering and the absurdity of life and New York and all kinds of interesting tangents, which is what You Made It Weird is all about.

By the time he was done in the majors, Dan Haren had pitched for the Cardinals, A’s, D-Backs, Angels, Nationals, Dodgers, Marlins, and, finally, the Cubs, and, this off-season, the end came, retirement. But since he was always one of the more entertaining, smart, and funny people in baseball, we have surely not heard the last from him. (Follow him on Twitter at @ithrow88; he’s worth the follow.) And this week, he joined Jonah on The Jonah Keri Podcast to talk about his career, PEDs, dancing in the clubhouse, the unique Zack Greinke, the unique Joe Maddon, and a lot more.

Nerdist Mom — the wonderful Sharon Hills — was the special guest on a First Anniversary edition of Pro You. Just listen to it. She’s one of the coolest people I know, and you HAVE to follow her on Twitter at @NerdistMom, so go do that right now while you listen.

Jackie and Laurie talked about cutting the cord, New York, standup on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, how not to exactly say no to a gig, Hong Kong, our own demands for the pictures that accompany their show posts (hey, sorry, we have to put SOMETHING there) and more inside-comedy stuff on The Jackie and Laurie Show.

Alex had a bad experience at Newark Airp… er, Newark Liberty (or is it Liberty Newark?) International Airport and was still steamed about it on Half Hour Happy Hour. Understandable, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of flying in or out of there (especially if you have to use Terminals A or B). This time, though, snow was the culprit, and Alex, who grew up in the East, clearly has lost his ability to withstand the cold. Also, Alison, Alex, and Tom checked out the FCC ruling on set-top boxes. And they announced a live appearance in L.A., so listen to find out more.

Bizarre States examined a mystery from 1809 — did Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame die from suicide, as was said at the time, or was it…. MURDER?!? (cue music sting) Jess and Bowser also dealt with more contemporary mysteries, including that story about music heard on the Dark Side of the Moon (cue obvious Floydian jokes) and what possessed the Kalamazoo killer (cue Uber references).

More serious stuff: A new Hound Tall dropped early, for good reason: This episode discusses Black History Month, so it made sense to get it to you in, well, Black History Month. The panel included DAG — the always-great David Alan Grier — along with Ian Edwards and Naomi Ekperigen, and our expert was Loyola Marymount professor Marne Campbell.

An all-star group of writer/producer/creators, including Black-ish‘s Kenya Barris and Jonathan Groff, The Simpsons‘ Mike Scully, and Lilla and Nora Zuckerman of Suits, were the featured experts on The Writers Panel.

Actor and filmmaker Morgan Krantz visited Love, Alexi and…

So there’s that.

Kevin and Steve made their expert Oscar picks on Chewin’ It, and we’ll know how they did soon enough, won’t we?

Lauren Lapkus joined the usual trio for Bachelor recapping on Will You Accept This Rose?.

Matt Knudsen had yet another appointment with Not-A-Dr. Cash Levy on Cash Withdrawal to discuss cheap lawyers, sandwich boards, the fashionable Cash Levy Ensemble, tattoos, getting attacked for stuff you write online, waiting tables… you know, the stuff you’d talk about in therapy.

Sex Nerd Sandra is back! And she had TWO brand-new episodes, one addressing the nexus between racial justice and sex with the Women of Color Sexual Health Network and the other about, um, butt stuff.

Ben Dunn of NerdMelt Showroom and Loot Crate told Gil about his jobs on The Mutant Season.

Comic Book Club compared Presidential candidates to comic supervillains with the help of comedian Ben Kissel. I wonder if last night’s free-for-all would have changed any picks.

Jake Fogelnest returned for another round on Part 2 of a two-part Todd Glass Show.

Comic and actress Brittany Furlan talked Snapple and jam or jelly or something on another fact-filled Today We Learned.

There was an anniversary of sorts. Jenna forgot it. Hence, your theme on this week’s Kicking and Screaming.

Hear it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Listen and subscribe and revel in the good times.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
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