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A Full-Length Trailer For “The Wolverine” Emerges

Finally, the full-length trailer for The Wolverine — no more Vine things, just actual footage and stuff — has surfaced, showing his bumming around hiding from his past, his summoning to Japan, and an offer he can’t refuse. Will he do what’s asked of him to rid himself of the curse of immortality? Will he fail to heal after getting a taste of samurai swordplay? Will you go see this when it comes out on July 26th?

Okay, I know the answer to the last one.

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  1. Ben Z says:

    I was pumped for this movie, those dreams have been dashed. I’ll watch it on Netflix or Starz or something.

  2. King Kracka says:

    Looks like another terrible movie about one of my favorite superheroes. Such a shame.

    And AdamB, love the quote from the Kevin Smith Superman story.

  3. Zenjack says:

    I was actually excited about this movie and now I am not so sure. I have to agree with AdamB about the power losing trope. Not to mention the fact that there is some really fantastic source material in the comics with Logan in Japan they could have used.

  4. +AdamB. says:

    Am I the only one tired with the “hero looses his powers” trope? We GET it, it’s not the powers that make the hero… But they did it in Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman, Hulk, Batman, X-Men… And yet it RARELY happens in the comics. Wolverine isn’t imortal, he just ages really slowly. Not sure it’s a curse when he’ll be dead in 250 years or so?

    “I don’t want to see him fly, I don’t want him in the suit, and in the third act he has to fight a giant spider.”

  5. Phil says:

    Chris I am an X-men fan, but why does it have to be in 3D?