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A Few More Moments With Sarah Jane

I had a bunch of random and jokey Doctor Who items ready to post when the news of Elisabeth Sladen’s passing came across the wire (as Kyle reported here earlier today), and now it seems kind of inappropriate to put the goofy stuff up, at least for the evening. If you’re not a big Doctor Who fan and/or don’t remember Sarah Jane, bear with us — we’ll be talking about the usual stuff soon enough. But for now, here are a few clips that seem more fitting for the occasion, like this one from the BBC’s Multi-Coloured Swap Shop in 1976, in which Noel Edmonds interviews Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen on the occasion of her last series of Doctor Who:

And from October 2009, on the BBC Breakfast show, she’s with Russell T. Davies promoting The Sarah Jane Adventures:

And most fitting of all, Sarah Jane says goodbye to the Doctor:

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  1. James McGill says:

    Elizabeth, we’ll miss you. I grew up watching Doctor who in the 80’s with Baker and Davidson and you were one of the things that made it so great.

    One thing about the last clip puzzled me though…how did she get K-9?

    I hate it when people leave with unanswered story threads. 😛

  2. Sean BG says:

    Great tribute videos. Tom Baker was my first Doctor and Sara Jane was the best companion of that era. Swap Shop is very nostalgic. (I’ll get my scarf length guess in ASAP!) Elisabeth Sladen will be missed.

  3. Brian E. says:

    ^ seriously. That’s just tasteless in any situation. No one’s making you click on these articles. Oh noez! You have to scroll down the page!

    Show some common decency and lose the internet bad boy persona. We’re all really impressed.

  4. Poppet says:

    @God – Not funny. We are dealing with the loss of a life – the death of a human being. Show a little compassion and put your personal interests in entertainment on the back burner for two seconds.

  5. God says:

    Jesus H. Christ. Enough with the doctor who stuff already.

  6. Boabie says:

    I’m really sad this morning after hearing the news of Elisabeth Sladen’s passing. Liz Sladen has now entertained two generations of children and was loved by all. All of the Doctor Who Fandom must feel as if they have lost a great friend in Liz and heroine in Sarah Jane Smith.
    Condolences to her family and friends.
    “Good bye Sarah Jane, Until we meet again…!” The Doctor

  7. PaulH says:

    Goodbye… my Sarah Jane.

  8. Doug C says:

    Thank you for posting these vids, the LS/TB interview in particular, which I had not seen before. For those of us who grew up with Sarah Jane, the news stings just a bit more, I think.

  9. Art says:

    So Sad. I wish I had more to say on this but I don’t know what else could be said. Truly brilliant and she will be missed by all generations

  10. Brian E says:

    Watching “The Death of the Doctor” right now. I’ll miss you Elisabeth.

  11. Lokey says:

    Damn. That last video did me in…tearing up like a little girl now.