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A Few “Doctor Who” Items To Get You Through The Night

Hey, how about a few random Doctor Who things I got lying around the office here?  Gimme a second and let me just… okay, here you go.

You’ll watch it anyway, but here’s a preview of the Doctor Who in America special that BBC America will be airing Saturday after episode 2 of the new series:

This guy draws and paints on his iPad using the Brushes app, and did this little tribute to the eleven Doctors:

And, yeah, click here and see a Royal Wedding Dalek. I wasn’t going to say anything, but it’s too incongruous to ignore.

Okay, we’re caught up.


HT: BBC America for the preview and iPad art, Digital Spy and BuzzFeed for the Dalek

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  1. Matty says:

    That Royal Wedding Dalek is the Scariest Dalek ever, first he makes you eat bland english food while babbling on about the royal wedding and then EXTERMINATE!

  2. Jaeleen says:

    Super excited for the new season!

  3. EruditeVixen says:

    Everything about this season of Dr. Who is awesomesauce. I’m super cereal. I am in love with all four of the main cast members. And Matt Smith rocks every single one of my socks. I hope Chris doesn’t hate me too much for this, but the 11th doctor is my favorite so far.

  4. Livius says:

    I need that drawing of the 10th Doctor!
    Looks like it came out of Tintin :]

  5. Lokey says:

    Awesome new series, the folks at Nerdist sharing all kinds of Who goodies, the Fourth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver toy released this past week, the tornadoes didn’t kill me….pretty damn good week so far!

  6. Lokey says:

    @Smonkey — Mark Sheppard has now been in both, but it doesn’t make any sense as to why he would get the Who-ly Trinity to sign it. That just popped in my head…I like it, probably gonna use it again. lol

  7. Smonkey says:

    Is there some connection between Doctor Who and Firefly? (other than both being awesome) The guy getting the autograph had the box set in the stack he was getting signed.