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A Couple of Outtakes From the Nerdist TV Show

There was a lot of video shot to make the Nerdist TV show. Some of it ended up on the cutting room floor (not literally. They don’t take a razor blade to celluloid anymore. You get the idea). Here are a couple of those outtakes to whet your appetite for the real thing.

Shooting a promo and waiting for the countdown from stage manager Tom McNamara, Matt Smith has a little request:


And while Matt Mira gets made up, Chris gives Jonah some paternal love:


Saturday night, September 24th, BBC America, 10/9c, guests Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith. Spread the word.

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Muhittin says:

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  2. Nikki says:

    Oh jeeze. Ignore me. I see that Craig and Matt were on the same ep. My apologies.

  3. Nikki says:

    I hope I can find it somewhere online! I really want to watch this! Silly iTunes doesn’t have it available in the Canadian store yet. But hopefully soon!

    Also, question: I thought the Craig Ferguson episode was the first one? I mean, I love me some Matt Smith, but what happened to Craig? Has it not aired yet? Have I been living under a rock?

  4. Joe says:

    PLEASE PLEASE watch this, dvr it, watch it again, then another time or 3… i had such a blast at this taping, and am just so happy that these guys are making it… more nice people being nice having fun needs to happen more!!! Good luck and spaghetti-monster-speed to ya!!! here is some more behind the scenes… any whovians or nerdist-ians feel free to add me, love ‘meeting’ like minded peeps 🙂

  5. JE Smith says:

    That blonde lady walking behind, and then in front of Chris is HOT. 🙂

  6. Pablo says:

    To oversimplify: if this is not on torrent I won’t watch it. I can’t. Neither will a whole lot of people. This depresses me.

  7. J-Rod says:


    A good point well made.

  8. m-p says:

    If you torrent the show because you cant see it thats cool.but it would be awesome if you could find some time to tweet bbc america or contact them in some way ,be it e-mail or what not,and let them know that you are a fan who wants to watch the show so they can count you as a viewer and maybe the show will get picked up for more episodes.

    (you probably shouldn’t mention your torrenting the show……..they might frown upon that)

  9. J-Rod says:

    From A Loyal UK Fan.

    Wishes all the US Nerdist fans (and BBCA subscribers) a viewing pleasure on Saturday Night.


    Come on guys a bit of reciprocal love – my TV licence fee ($225) pays for Doctor Who. I promise to still watch a legal option down the line.

  10. Graham Trudeau says:

    ^ Jonah wins at counter-trolling.

    Anyway, im hoping for a nice healthy torrent, or a legal bbc website to watch the pilot by (my basic, non-bbc laden cable shames me).

  11. Jonah Ray says:

    Hey Zaq, you misspelled your name.

    Who’s the douche now?

  12. Aaron says:

    MY TAHOE!!!! that line about the rednecks and bbca made me laugh so hard.

  13. Amaya L says:


  14. Jamie C says:

    Hey I wanna see the Nerdist in the UK just wrote to point of view.

    Join in please

  15. Zaq says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen him and I got to say, J-Ray Ray really does look like a hipster douche.

  16. Devin Smail says:

    I just became an even bigger Matt Smith fan.

  17. It will be fitting that in order to see the show (no BBC America on our basic cable plan), that I will have to go to a nerdy friend’s place to watch.

    Everything posted from the show looks great; here’s hoping for a nice, long run and much success!

  18. Brian says:

    Vincent, you ever hear of a little thing called the Internet?

  19. ++sC says:


  20. Vincent S says:

    Awww! Matt Mira does look like a cherub. Where can I get to watch this if I’m not in America or don’t have access to BBCA?

  21. Reginald_Charming says:

    Damn I wish I had BBCA

  22. Patti Brown says:

    Haha!! I love that Matt Smith wanted “The Wayne’s World thing”! So funny! Also, I believe you Jonah. This show is gonna be so great! I have to wait for a repeat to watch, though.

  23. sewdotcoe says:

    THIS LOOKS ADORABLE!!!! I am so sad I don’t get BBC America on account of not having television, and not being in America.